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April 2017 – Mo’ Motion (Harlem, NYC) is announcing openings for a Program Director and positions for coaches as independent contractors.

Paid and Volunteer Coaching Positions Grades K-12
•  Starting time can be fall (screening/training) for newcomers or early November (veterans) through March
•  Pay runs from $20-$35/hr depending on playing/coaching experience and years coaching for Mo’ Motion
Click here for the on-line application process.


Impact Program Director & Recruiting Coordinator


We are seeking an Impact Coordinator to help take our Impact Programs to the next level for youth grades K-12 with an emphasis on the critical mass at grades 4-10. Our Impact Program package is going to expand to include volleyball, basketball, and track and field. We are looking for a professional who is passionate about the impact we can have on young athletes ranging from first-time players to college prospects.

The Impact Director & Recruiting Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Expanding our after-school programming into public schools that are in need of providing team sports and fitness opportunities to under-resourced girls ages 8-11 years old so that we significantly improve their chances of playing sports through middle school and high school.  All studies show that girls who play sports stand a higher chance of succeeding in school and in life.  Our focus will be on creating the template for our “We Rise” Impact Program for girls before they hit puberty.
  • Expanding our after-school programming into public schools that are in need of providing team sports and fitness opportunities to under-resourced girls ages 8-11 years old so that we significantly improve their chances of playing sports through middle school and high school.
  • Strengthening our high school program for boys, and working with parents and coaches to provide quality, equal opportunities for youth through sports.

The ideal candidate will be a professional who is passionate about youth athletics, have experience playing and/or coaching high school to college level basketball, volleyball, and/or track and field, and who has a desire to learn and implement our progressive curriculum across all ages and programming.

This position is an exciting opportunity for a recent college graduate or a former college coach whose resume and reputation shows the drive and passion it will take to be successful in our culture. We are looking to find a dynamic individual who can win over the parents and coaches in our weekend programs with an understanding of how kids learn at each level, while not losing sight of why kids play – to have fun, to be with their friends, to learn and grow, and to feel like they are part of something special.

Candidates should have the following experience or be willing to learn and develop as a strong leader in these areas:

  • playing high school to college experience with high-level basketball, volleyball and/or track and field (or two of three)
  • hiring coaches and part-time workers
  • working at under-resourced schools and with youth in need
  • recruiting young athletes and parents to support
  • public speaking to increase awareness of our programs, including health and wellness
  • a track record that shows a highly motivated and organized professional
  • references that can speak to their work ethic, passion, and drive for excellence
  • organizational skills so that we can set clear goals and track/measure our success

Note: Hours can run during the week and on weekends depending on the season. We do have favorable holiday time that mirrors school schedules (like a teacher/principal). When we are in high season, we expect longer days. We are also going to build out a JULY camp program.  Currently we only have June and August. There is plenty of room for work-life balance given our calendar being family friendly.

SALARY:  $60,000-$80,000 commiserate with experience level

START DATE:  End of August – early September 2017 

HOW TO APPLY:  Send a cover letter that demonstrates you have reviewed and  State why you are interested in this position and also let us know if you have any local ties.  Attach a resume and links to your LinkedIn page.

Send all info to [email protected]

Thank you for your time and interest.


More About Mo’ Motion

Manhattan, NY:  Mo’ Motion, Inc. is the largest non-profit youth basketball training organization located in Manhattan.  Former college and pro basketball player Maureen Holohan (Northwestern University) started the program with her first boys’ team in 2009.  We now field 25 teams a year and are the engine behind our 80-team league,, which won JR. NBA Program of the Month (January 2017).  

Mo’ Motion is based mostly out of the upper east/upper west sides and in Harlem. As a partner with our sister non-profit,, we serve almost 1,000 kids per year and are seeking to expand our impact. We aim to better serve young student athletes, providing them with the benefits of organized sports by properly developing their fundamentals and skills over time.  Our athletes are diverse and include first-time players, strong high school athletes, and college prospects.

Mo’ Motion is known for the quality of its training and excellent coaching. While other programs across the country are serving up sugar (games, games and more games), we work to distinguish ourselves due to our commitment to training excellence and game experience. We do everything we can to model for our players, coaches and parents alike. We are tough, firm, fair and fun. We believe in looking out for the underdog (kids/teams that are under-resourced), but we know how important it is to create a rule-abiding network of teams, players, families and coaches.

Our pilot programs have been a huge success, and we are working with principals now to expand our reach. We are also doing more digital and virtual training so that we stand out as truly exceptional at our craft of teaching, and in providing more access and opportunity for all.


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