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Mo' Motion

Training. Development. Leadership.

Mo’ Motion offers the most training hours of any program in Manhattan and promotes amateur sports in the New York City community.  We teach, we develop, we have fun, we believe in diversity and we give back.  At Mo’ Motion we teach beginner (Grades K-5) through advanced players (Grades 7-12) the importance of heart, effort, respect, and self-discipline, while actively promoting academic achievement, nutrition, wellness, injury prevention and leadership. 

We make beginner players good, good players very good, and very good players excellent. Our players learn what it means to EARN IT over the course of our curriculum, which includes training sessions, optional team play, optional spring league play, camps, small group workouts and bonus sessions over the course of many seasons. We have several of our alum playing at the JV and varsity levels.  We have captains of varsity teams, and the most committed and talented are now playing in college.

MoMotion Spotlight

Justin Sandler

Mo' Motion makes you work on your weakness, which ultimately makes you the best player possible.

High school graduation year: 2017

Current grade: 12th

School, city, state: Riverdale, New York City, New York

More MoMotion Spotlights

Motion’s endless encouragement and high standards make practices both challenging and fun. Mo emphasizes hard work and good sportsmanship over winning and encourages the kids to be their best. Maureen is not only a terrific coach but an all-around great role model.

- Stephanie

My boys participate in Boost camp during the week and they beg to go both days. I come to pick up and they are laughing and sweating more then I have ever seen in anything they do.

- Mara

Coach Andy is excellent with younger players. He had the right personality and pushed them enough, but he always kept it fun.

- Gus

There were times when my daughter just did not run as fast -- when the ball came her way, and she shyly grinned and backed away from the oncoming ball for fear of getting hurt by it. She often could not even throw the ball high enough to touch the rim. All that is history now.

- Rich

Thank you for being realistic, supportive, encouraging, and straightforward to all your athletes. It was truly an honor to meet you and watch you work with Alyssa so many years ago. She now plays at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and still plays for the fun of the game, despite the time commitment of an engineering degree program.

- David

The Blog

My Painful 6th Grade Basketball Reel

As promised to all the children I teach and torture with skill work, here is my sixth grade basketball reel. I watch this and cringe at my lack of skills.  Yet I can ID the differentiators – my angst, my aggression, my passion and drive.  There are two other players on the floor who played college basketball.  This CYO game […]

Unsolicited Testimonials Tell Our Story

Read this latest testimonial and scroll down to see more … “I wanted to thank you for all of your work with my son and tell you that I have and will continue to recommend your program to everybody I speak with on the subject as the best basketball program in New York City. I was extremely impressed with your […]