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March 20, 2020



Wed is WAKE UP THE MUSCLES that may be out of whack with all this traveling, up and moving and/or sitting all day!


If you have an open space, use it (and note for the high school kids, we will have a series of intro to speed, agility and hops coming out next week.  Mandatory video watching first, then basics of each so that you can up your game without injury).


WED is hump day so let’s get over the hump by elevating our heart rate (next week we will be jumping rope or jumping via plyos) via the following methods for today only:


  • Interval sprints – in a park or on a field, if you can

  • D slides, shuttle sprints or rapid fire feet, high knees if confined in an area like a backyard or living room

  • Treadmill or bike or machine – get on it and GO


Here is the WED Elevate Day Plan – do what you can:


SET 1 – Dynamic Warm-up

  1. Jog, skip, get loose via jumping jacks, etc

  2. Slide, walk on calves, heels, backpedal

  3. World’s best HIP stretches

  4. Catepillar or inch worm (down dog walk 10 steps) to stretch achilles

  5. SUMO squats or sumo light jumps to get loose


Start with a cycle at the following percentages:


Get on your elevation machine or path and do a workout like so for five minutes:

  • 30 seconds easy

  • 30 seconds 75 percent

  • 30 seconds easy 

  • 30 seconds 100 percent

  • One minute easy

  • One minute fast

  • 30 second easy, 30 second FAST


Then stretch, do 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 burpes, 10 squats, 10 planks = 50


SET 2 – Attacks – do the attacks you do not like from the spot you don’t like – let’s say it is the baseline.

  1. Runner/pogo stick – 5 each side 

  2. Bump finish – 5

  3. Reverse – 5

  4. Five free throws

Repeat Set 1

Repeat Set 2

Repeat Set 1 – pick another spot for attacks


You should be sweating by now!


SET 3 – Free throws and Sprints or Elevate exercises 

  • 30 seconds of all out work

  • Two Free throws

REPEAT 5 times

For every one you don’t make – 5 push ups at the end.


SET 4 – Shoot and condition

Around the world shooting – 7 spots this time!

You must make 4 out of 5 at a spot to advance.

Every Two Spots that you pass, you must go sprint for 1 minute ELEVATE

Return to the spot so you are tired when you shoot.

Do this for 20 minutes max.  See how far you can go around the world and back.  END IT at 20 min.


Sets of 10 – do these five exercises as much as you want – I’d do just 1 time

  1. Squats with or without LIGHT weight (body weight for all those under 15)

  2. Bicycle sit ups – 10 bicycles

  3. Side Plank – count to 10 each side

  4. Squat JUMPS and switch legs – go slow, find balance

  5. One legged squats – body weight – 5 on each side

SET 6 – 5-min cool down/ACL balance drills

1-Do one legged touches ACL balance drills

2-Lightly jump off a bench and land soft, making sure that your knees don’t cave when you are tired.

3-To end on this correction, you can do any band around your legs to stay open hipped or you can do clam shells with yourself on the ground (on your side, open your hip) or do any type of leg raise to work on symmetry or balance.  Look in a mirror to make sure you look and feel balanced – no tipping or leaning when you are tired. Cool down here is to make sure you are aligned before you wrap up!


Email me or message me a few highlights if you’d like.