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#4: Speed, Shooting & Strength

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Friday, March 20 –  SHOOTING, SPEED & STRENGTH

Warm-ups plus three parts – pick 1, 2 or all three.  (Workout Time = 20-90 min in total.  Last part can be done at home in living room.)

Warm-Up – 10-20 Minutes

  1. Quick 10 Non-Dominant Side Layups – Any Finish You Want
  2. Level 1 or Range Test Form Shooting – 2 each, get to foul line or 3pt line – 10-20 shots
  3. ACL Injury Prevention – 5 Simple ACL exercises (Nordic Ham curl 2×10, alternate lunges 2×10, calf circuit 2×10, jump & hold 2×10, drop landing 2×10)



Part I Speed – 20 minutes

  1. Dynamic Warm-Up – ABC Simple FORM warm-up – down and back

(The list:  High knees skip-flex foot, butt kicks, ankle drills, skippings (watch foot and knee position, high knee run land on full foot, foreleg ext running, straight leg running, high knee bounce skips, ankle bounces, bounding)

The video:

  1. Sprint 1 full interval around a park or up and down the block X times
  2. Finish four full-speed layups from half court
  3. Repeat 5-10 times

Part II Shooting – 20-40 min – Midrange (1, 2 or long dribble in)
– do all three or as many as you’d like for time or goals (20-40 min or #s per spot)

  • Shooting Basic – Gr 4&Up – Spot Shooting Drill – Pick 5-7 spots and set goals to advance to next spot only if you hit 4 out of 5 or 7+ out of 10.
  • Shooting Advanced – Gr 7&Up – From the wing or top or corner:  Mo’s Midrange Series (cross step 1,2; cross hop; cross step back; side and hop; side and step back).  One dribble is enough or you can do off 2 dribbles or play point and run drills off longer dribble entry.  Make 7 out of 10 to advance to the next set.)
  • BONUS Shooting Advanced (Only if you finished Mo’s Midrange) – Gr 7&Up – Three Unguardable Midrange Moves

The video:

Part III Strength – 10-20 min (you can do this in living room/bedroom) – PICK 1 or BOTH

  1. Follow this 10-Min Body Weight Workout. (Please keep your shirt on.)

2. Hip Mobility Series – Try some of these – they’re tough.  You can’t go all out strength wise without full hip mobility.


THE END except if you are stuck inside and need a few more …

Try any of these that work for you.

• Quarantine #1 With Ryan – Pardon the language, but this is a really good and tough workout (10-20 min)

• Six-minute HITT & ABS (6 min)

Here are the videos:

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