Motion Players

Program Standards, Expectations and Rules for PLAYERS

The standards for attendance, effort and attitude are higher for players in the Mo’ Motion team programs than for those who are participating only in the weekend programs or in Boost.

We expect Mo’ Motion players to show up, give their best effort and be a coachable spirit at all times. We ask players to shoot for an 80 percent or higher attendance rate at mandatory team events in winter only. It is up to team players to participate in all optional workouts. We know by one’s performance how much time and effort they are putting into their games with us and on their own.

For Boost training, we demanding a player’s best effort regardless of talent level, natural skills or athleticism. We expect the same from the staff. We rate ourselves by the total improvement of the class, workout, and team rather than by the scoreboard, win-loss records or the progress of the starting lineup.

Our slogan is EARN IT. It’s not “negotiate it” or “whine about it” or “complain about it.” Earning it means going out there regardless of the circumstances and making no excuses. A player’s job is to nod his or her head, give maximum effort and do what it takes to show everyone what it means to be a champion.