Best Apps – Basketball & Performance


Here is a short description of each app we are recommending and what it can do for players.  (Pricing may change over time and you’re paying the company, not Mo’ Motion for use of the apps.).

**Also remember you can go on YouTube and Instagram and search for many free videos like so:  basketball ball-handling drills 30 minutes, basketball passing drills 20 minutes, strength (or speed) drills.  Add “basic” and “advanced” and even “grade school” or “high school” to get your appropriate level.  Create folders and playlists of your favorite athletic artists.  We offer an index of the best drills online as part of our virtual training package.  Email us for info and access.

Pure Sweat Basketball App (app link, site link, YouTube Page, course bundles) The best virtual hoops app on the market.  Pure Sweat offers a ton of free videos on YouTube and it also has fitness and handles you can do in your home if you are allowed to dribble in a tight spot only.  Pure offers speed workouts you can do on a field if you are allowed to run (see below – Stack may be better for speed & training).  It’s for grades 6 and up (middle school to pros).  You really need a right and left hand, and decent jump shot form, footwork (or stay in range, skip harder drills).  The app lets you customize your workouts and say how long you have to workout.  It also shows you the drills efficiently and gives you a timer.  You stay on pace to complete the workout.  COST:  So far, it’s free as far as we can see, but there may be a paywall depending on how much you use it.

Home Court AI  (app, site)is a powerful app that counts your repetitions – makes and misses and your arc – through your phone.  It also offers a team option to compete with your friends and a fun digital game that teaches players to keep his or her head up while dribbling and improves hand-eye coordination and quickness.  You can also add a second player and compete in this hand-eye game.  The app also takes videos of you handling and shooting, which is fun to share with friends.  The developers are offering the service for free in April.  The cost is usually determined by total usage.  Mo’ Motion kids have loved this app after being introduced to it in March.


Fitivity (app – 7 day free trial) offers a general app and then specific sports – basketball, baseball, football, soccer and training apps/sections, too, for speed, agility and handles).  Players ages 12 and up can use this app (and avoid the more demanding exercises.) You can pick your duration and you can see the demo with a timer telling you when to start and stop.  It also logs your work and allows you to play your own music playlist to the workout you have chosen.  The cost is $9.99/month.  It’s really a great resource for kids who can dribble, can’t dribble and those who can shoot and run, and those who are trying to workout in limited space.


Stack Virtual Trainer (app, site) is the leading site for sports-specific personal training. For $4.99-$9.99/month, you can enter what type of training you want to do – strength, plyos, core, agility, jumping and basketball specific work – and it will generate a plan over the course of weeks you choose.  Make sure you go to our Advanced Specific Performance Training page to figure out how to major/minor in each area over time and rotate your workout emphasis.  Stack is the easiest resource to see, do, record all of your training.  Caution:  Many college athletes and pros are showcased on this site, which means a middle school to high school body should modify when needed or run the risk of injury.

Evolve Basketball (app, site) is an app that has a strong ball-handling component (and post, guard and shooting videos)to it where a player can see a wider range of two-ball drills and also rip off some drills from other members of the Evolve community.  Players can also post their own videos and see if others can match your handles.  As far as we can tell, the app is free.  Under settings, a player can also find SAT/ACT support, a workout calendar and a guide to scholarships.  Evolve also has a YouTube page where you can see how the app works and get free videos.



Jacob Hiller Jump ManualThe Jump Manual (site) by Jacob Hiller is our recommendation for high school boys over the age of 16 who want to focus on improving their explosiveness and dunking ability.  It’s a 12-week course that is truly excellent and should be calibrated as a priority in the off-season (do not overtrain).  Girls’ need to take a 6-12 week speed and agility course along with consistent ACL training as a pre-requisite.  Cost of The Jump Manual is around $100.  It’s an in-depth understanding of how to jump and train your hops properly.  Be sure to read our main page for The Jump Manual and the notes on Days #1-#7 so you know what to expect.

The Ready State (app, site) – The best college to pro level online provider in mobility, injury prevention and optimal performance by Dr. Kelly Starrett.  Kelly is one of the first to use the cross-fit training method, yet he’s more focused on optimal range of motion.  This will help serious athletes who are stiff and/or injured.  Hips or wrists tight?  Kelly has a series to solve that problem.  He also proves to a committed athlete the value of checking in core mobility exercises to open up the hips, shoulders, hands, wrists and back.  Kelly believes in “smashing” post-workout to reduce inflammation and promote healing.  This is an intense commitment and a young player may feel overwhelmed if you try to take it all on at once.  Go to the instagram and youtube pages for specific body part exercises for free, and then if you want to do his course, sign up for the membership.  TRS offers a 14-day free trial.  We’re sure of the cost, but this is pro-level services offered to all levels of athletes and coaches.

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