Everybody’s Favorite by Penny

Everybody’s Favorite by Penny

The Broadway Ballplayers

Maureen Holohan

Year: 1998 Original / 2001 Reprint

For Ages: 8-12

Price: $3

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Sweet P. The Real Deal. Big Time. Some kids told me they’d pay cold cash to just have one of my nicknames. Even the big-talking boys begged me for games of one-on-one. Audiences crowded the courts as I smiled politely ,racked up my points and took care of my basketball business.

The fans always rooted for me, which was cool, but I needed a break from the hoops spotlight. I thought going to soccer camp with the Ballplayers would give me a chance to live in someone else’s shadow for once. But when we arrived, the coaches pegged me as one of the superstars the second I stepped out of the car. Soon I found myself running with a few campers who bent the rules…

Meet the Ballplayers—a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Ave.