Friday Nights by Molly

Friday Nights by Molly

The Broadway Ballplayers

Maureen Holohan

Year: 2000

For Ages: 8-12

Paperback: 176 pages

Price: $3

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Meet the Ballplayers — a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Avenue….

I’m Molly. My friends say I’m like a bull in a china shop when I play sports. But my bruised knees and elbows never hurt when we win.

Penny’s my name. Sometimes people call me Big Time or Sweet P because of my smooth moves…and when we lose, I take all the blame.

I’m Rosie. I don’t really talk much. My coach doesn’t like that I’m the only girl on the baseball team. I can’t wait to strike him out.

Don’t let my friends fool ya. I’m Wil, the best and brightest Ballplayer of this bunch. Now can somebody please tell my coach to put me in the game?

I’m Angel, the oldest Ballplayer. With my foot injuries and problems between my parents, the Ballplayers help get me through the tough times.

As the new summer basketball league kicks off, these five freinds team up to form the Broadway Ballplayers. But Molly and the others run into some serious competition both on and off the court. Can they bring the championship home to Broadway Avenue?

Reviews for Friday Nights by Molly

“Dirt, sweat, black and blue knees on girls of all body types, sizes and colors, competition, sport and growing up…what an absolutely terrific combination! The Broadway Ballplayers is just the right ticket for adolescent girls who, to date, have been bombarded by love stories and baby-sitting mysteries. For anyone who has been concerned about the limited options and unrealistic body images available to girls, these books offer exhilarating alternatives. Put them at the top of your gift list for the favorite girl in your life who plays sports!”

Donna Lopiano, Ph.D., Executive Director, Women's Sports Foundation

“Hey girls and boys! The Broadway Ballplayers is a slam dunk!”

Rick Telander, Columnist

“This book has a life of its own! Every parent and teacher is going to want their girls to read Friday Nights by Molly.”

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