Left Out by Rosie

Left Out by Rosie

The Broadway Ballplayers

Maureen Holohan

For Ages: 8-12

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“A girl doesn’t belong on the all-star team. She isn’t tough enough.”

The coaches and parents didn’t even bother to whisper. To them, I was not an all-star. I was the girl playing shortstop. I was the girl up to bat. I was the easy out.

For weeks, I went to practice and stared down a coach who lobbed me the ball and stuck me on the bench. Then I went home to a father who told me I needed to play harder and study more. Nothing I did on the field or in school was ever enough.

Reviews for Left Out by Rosie

Left Out truly exemplifies what sports and life are all about-believing in your dreams, overcoming adversity, the bonds of friendship, and most importantly-love of family. Left Out is a sure hit for kids of all ages.”

Dani Tyler, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Fastpitch softball

“I think it was one of the best books I’ve read. It is unbelievably real and a great story.”

Matt, 12

“This book deals with real life problems that aren’t just about having a crush on a boy or losing a good luck charm.”

Kathleen, 12

“While reading this book, I reminisced about how much fun it was playing ball with my friends in my neighborhood. You will be able to identify with at least if not all of the kids on Broadway Ave.”

Julie Smith, '96 Olympic Gold Medalist, Softball