Weeknight BOOST

WEEKNIGHT BOOSTS- Fall, Winter, Spring – Tues-Fri evenings.  Boosts are for Gr 3-5 and Gr 6-8, and they run mostly in the evening slots roughly 5:30-8pm or 3:30pm on Fri nights.  Search for details of time/location by season.  We also may use one hoop for older kids or a private.  We typically have six hoops to use in our Thu, Fri gyms, but we sometimes go outside at W76th if we are shut out of a gym due to a school conflict.  Sessions for Boosts are heavier on reps, form, skill work, footwork, pivoting, finishes and attacks.  We also add spacing, conditioning and we allow for scrimmage time.  Gr 3-5 are on separate hoops than the older kids.  When times overlap, we know how to manage the players to be efficient and not get injured by an older or younger player.  Boosts are great for kids who are away on weekends, and sometimes kids from other teams join our Boosts to get more individual work.  Boosts are included in our Winter Team Play package – optional but included Boost and the same for Spring.  Many — but not all — team players hop into the Boosts.  We do allow for 1) prorated rates for classes missed and 2) makeups if space allows.  The google cal system allows us to add you to one class for makeups and the entire calendar for your regular class.  Expect about 80 minutes in total for the younger kids and 90 minutes in total for the older kids with the last 20 minutes (a half of a bball game) reserved for scrimmage time.  See a video of our Boosts here.


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