Grade 6 BOYS – Mo’ Motion Bulls (Red/White)

Mo’ Motion BULLS

  • Wear red/white reversible to all SAT-SUN events (games/practices).
  • MUST RSVP OUT to ensure we have enough players for games and to keep kids caught up in practice.
  • Reminder that all Boost Weeknights run at W70th outdoor courts and/or PS 452 through FRI JUNE 4.
  • Reach out to Mo if you want make-ups during June 1-4th MAKE-UP/BONUS WEEK.

SATURDAY, June 4 – AT MS 54 Booker T
2:15pm GAME with Boys’ Gr 6-7 mix vs. Girls’ Gr 7-9
3:15pm GAME with Boys’ Gr 6-7 mixing together and playing vs. each other
**Mo will order pizza after Game 2.  We will eat it outside 4:30-5pm.  Permit ends at 5pm.

SUNDAY, June 5 –  Rosters are specific and google invites will be sent for Riverbank
11am – GAME vs. PRO REPS at MS 54 Booker T – EVERYONE IS in for this game.

**This is likely to be out last weekend.  Done on SUN JUNE 5.

June 4-5 Admission Link:

JUNE 12 – It may make more sense to just wrap on JUNE 5.  But it’s also a good idea to see how we do on June 5th and then decide re: playoffs where are are sure to match up vs. the BK Team again (4th time/margin is 40 for the first two games.)


Otis #11 – ?
Ben Otto – #22
Wynton #25
Arman #35 
Jesse #10 
Roman #11 – ?
Zaydaan #39 
Aiden – #27 
Adam Ben Shushan –
Dilan –  #21

Tyler #38 – if needed
Rueben #3 – if needed
Mitchell #19 – if needed
Kamran #43 – if needed
Jote #17 – if needed