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We are going to do our best this 2019-20 season to see how much leverage we can get out of Sports Engine’s RVSP system and their messaging system.  All parents, coaches and management should be on this system.  (And players if parents approve.) 

If you want to send an email to a coach, here are the email addresses to all Motion coaches via  We have assured all coaches and parents of privacy.  No coaches are allowed to solicit parents for business (including private lessons) or share our email addresses with anyone, which is why we prefer the Sports Engine system where private emails are not listed.  Please report any violations of your privacy to

Maureen Holohan –

Jon Person –

Zak Berkane –

Imani Davidson –

Elisa Haggarty –

Becky Peters –

Becky Carreira (admin/office Becky):

Geri Guillory –

Jake McGuff, assn’t to Zak and Geri and Mo –

Kristin Rainbolt –


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