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Columbia University Half-Time Events with Mo’ Motion

Mo’ Motion at Columbia University

Halftime Events – 2020
* This event is optional and IN ADDITION TO any and all practice events scheduled that day (not in place of)

Time:  See your SportsEngine calendar for Game Tip-Off time.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to tip-off in full uniform.  Kids will be on at halftime.

Meeting Location:   Enter on 120th and Broadway and look for Mo’ Motion Staff member wearing a Mo’ Motion t-shirt.

What to wear:  Full Mo’ Motion uniform or Mo’ Motion T-shirt for those who do not have a full uniform.  All participants MUST have the waiver below signed at the event or bring it to the event if parents are not accompanying the child.

RSVP Your player IN or OUT to Mo’ Motion Office –

Extra Tickets?  Each Mo’ Motion player is covered.  If you want tickets for family members, they are $5 each and the order must be placed with up to three days before the event.  

In your email please include the Mo’ Motion player’s name, and how many extra tickets are needed.

Check out our first event at Columbia U to get a sense of how things go while the kids are on the court.
 We play the 11-man drill or we scrimmage each other.



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