Scholarship Request 2022

ScholarshipsMo’ Motion makes every effort to award financial aid when circumstances warrant additional support and when the organization is financially able. 

Here is what we ask for:

  1. Identify the exact program that your child ideally will be part of – after-school, weeknight, weekend or full team play.  You can find all of our offerings under FIND YOUR PROGRAM.
  2. Please write down or copy/paste the link to the exact program you are interested in, which will show us that you took time to review all that we offer and see what works with your schedule (which we don’t know).  Fill out the following form which is going to ask you to:a) state your child’s name, grade, school, address, and any friends in the program + phone/contact info
    b) a box where you write-in the program and the season you’ve selected
    c) state how much you CAN PAY towards the program’s listed fee
    d) we prefer to use the honor code, but we also may ask for your tax forms per board recommendation.  State if you are willing to submit or have your top page of your tax form available
    e) state that you’ve read this page in full and understand that we take our scholarship requests seriously, but we try to do it in a way where parents feel comfortable about asking for support.

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.  We also may elect to do a trial period where the coaches can assess if the program is the right fit for the player.

The following factors influence scholarship awards:

  • Practice and game attendance of 80 percent or higher
  • Positive energy, attitude, effort
  • Playing only with Mo’ Motion (except for in-school teams)

If we are in need of coaching support, we also strongly encourage that players and parents put in voluntary work hours throughout the basketball season as a way to give back to the program. 


In order to help as many student-athletes as possible, we also strive to offer scholarships based on financial need. To apply for a scholarship with Mo’ Motion, please complete the following steps. Contact the office with any questions. [email protected]

  1. Complete the below application. All documentation associated with scholarship applications is kept confidential.
    Scholarship Application
  2. All Mo’ Motion participants and parents must sign the Assumption of Risks waiver. Go to this link to sign the waiver.