Thank you for your interest in Mo’ Motion.

We understand why parents would be concerned about paying money only to find out the training or situation is not working or the wrong fit.  We are not here to take your money and run.  We are here to teach and serve young people, and sometimes they are reluctant.  Sometimes they don’t eat the right breakfast or any breakfast and things don’t go well.  Sometimes they need a second try.  It’s our job as coaches to make them both feel comfortable, but we also know that running sprints and working hard and not being the best in class or close can sometimes feel uncomfortable, yet that feeling and a growing comfort with a feeling of discomfort is where true development and progress begins.

At the same time, we are a small organization coming off a pandemic, and admin work is harder than many parents realize.  We can no longer do free trials because we have had to chase for large sums of money in the past, and even on paid trials (see below), there is more work to be done by us.  We also think that parents who are nervous or don’t think their child can get through it all too often set up the same mindset in the child.  Although it may not pertain to you and is not always true, this is our biggest takeaway based on our experience.  We encourage parents and players to show up on time, ready, and for parents to say these magic works:  “Work hard, have fun” or “I love to see you work so hard out there.”

If you like the class, and want to pay for the rest of it afterwards (assuming there is space), here is how you do so:

  1. Knowing the details of your class – find our offerings here (pick your season).
  2. When you REGISTER, go through the process, but pay $50 when you pay via Venmo, Chase, PayPal and write your child’s name on the line item, day/date and trial.
  3. Follow up within 1-2 days afterwards.
    **Note:  We only offer one trial, but coaches give feedback and often recommend a better fit which we try if the first one doesn’t work, but typically we have a high success rate.

We have had 340 kids go through our program in the last year or so, and we’ve only had three kids who were unhappy – and we refunded them.  Cases included a very young grade K who ended up in a K-2 class with mostly Grade 2.  The desire to keep up with older kids is real and can be frustrating.  Case #2: After having no  problems wearing a mask per team, city, state rules for months, a player refused to wear a mask, breaking a team rule that all parents and players agreed on in a prior meeting.  Case #3: We can’t recall a third refund because our success rate is so high, but there probably was one. 

**We also credit or refund for injuries depending on the timing and recovery.

Should have some questions, inquiries, or concerns – email us at [email protected] OR at [email protected] and please make sure you have looked up these exact details under our