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December 8-31 Sprint – Tips & Expectations

Parents of DEC SPRINT – starts TUES, Dec 8-31 — All Workouts are at W76th/Riverside Park Court,

1) TIMES:  Workouts after-school run 3:30-5pm.  TUES-FRI.  Sat/Sun are listed as mostly the morning roughly 9-11am and 10:30-12:30 for the older kids (we may tweak this).  Note that for holiday time we maym move the workout to 9:30-11:30am when the kids are off from school but not all kids are off at the same time.
2) GLOVES – It is now getting cold.  The kids who had youth wide receiver gloves fared better.  Or you can try the cheap dollar gloves with the fingertips cut out.  Here is a link to a page I found on Amazon.  Read the reviews and try to do your best on sizing.  Wear any temporary glove in the meantime —
**Have the kids read the reviews, figure out their sizes and styles.
3) BRING YOUR OWN BALL, JERSEY and BAG — If you want to order the ones that our kids use and put your child’s name on it – here is the link.  Note that these bags have been fantastic because they hold so much.  Our kids have their names on the top and Mo’ Motion under it.  Purple is the color yet picking another color is fine, too.
4) SOCKS, HATS  and LAYERS.  Sweatshirts are good with a long sleeve T under them.  If the kids can fit the jersey OVER the sweatshirts, great.  A thin hat is fine as long as it stays on.  Note I may order hats that ideally are reversible so they can change the color of their hats per team (easier).  This may take some time.  I also may give them mesh pinneys for their bags to stretch over their sweatshirts – and they can keep them.
5) MIXING IT UP TO STAY WARM & PRODUCTIVE.  We may play more tag football or do football drills because it’s hard to play hoops well if the weather is really cold.  I may buy some footballs for kids to hold/bring or a few kids will bring ones they already have.  We’ll also cancel the classes if it’s too cold.  Note that the kids need to protect HANDS, feet, chest, head.  Hands were the toughest for me and the kids today, so please order those gloves or half gloves asap.
6) Cancellations or pauses.  I am very concerned about the #s of cases in the city, state and country, and I still find it hard to believe that people are out eating in restaurants as the heaters are now up and doors are closed.  What’s tough is knowing that the kids are safe with us – outside, masked, distanced – but if we reach a point where we get a shelter-in-place, everyone will get a refund or credit for spring.  We are doing our best to provide our safe services to kids, and if it feels unsafe, the coaches and I know it’s best to cancel.
Thank you for your time and cooperation.  This is hard for us all, and I do appreciate everyone working hard to stay together as much as we can.

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