Grades 3-4 – Sharks, Gators & Dolphins


  • Wear your RED/WHITE reversible from winter to practices Sat-Sun until we issue uniforms TBA.

Saturday, June 4th – at Booker T Washington at MS 54 Booker T on W108
**Only players on ROSTERs listed will play–please read carefully.  Kids not playing can come watch and/or go to the back of the school and shoot with teammates if weather permits.
9-10:15am vs. Mo’ Motion Red/White Mix – David, Grant, Nora, Gigi, Ethan, Jordan, Rubin K, Sienna,  Evelyn, Quinn, JJ, Noah, Sen, Peter = 15 for two teams of 7 each.  (Maybe Paul, James – if attending).
10:15am – Motion vs. Running Rebels:  David, Grant, Peter, Nora, Gigi, Ethan, Rubin K, Elijah, Lindhan, Sienna — in the game. 
**OUTSIDE 10:15-11:15am:  Rafa, Rueben C, Oliver, Charlie B., Jote
11:15am – Motion vs. Running Rebels Game 2:  Charlie B, Elijah, Rafa, Rueben C, Oliver O, Jote, Jordan, Peter

Sunday, June 5th – at Booker T Washington MS 54 enter on W108th/Columbus
9AM-10:50 AM:  Half court 3on3 mix with Global by age/size along with prizes, competitions and fun – ALL IN!
*Wear your red/white reversible for it will be mixed teams but this will help.

DIVISION ROSTER – will split up teams soon into Sharks, Gators, Dolphins on week-to-week basis. 

Ruben C #3
Lindeng #26
Charlie B. #2 
Oliver O #5
Rafa #19
Peter #8 
David #14
Grant #24
Nora #27 
Luke #11 – Sundays only
Elijah – #13
Ethan – #14
Jordan – #9
Rubin K – #23 
Sienna – #25
Jote – #17
Gigi – #35

James – #12
Paul – #16