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Mo’ Motion is dedicated to making a difference in our communities through what we do on the courts and what we do in the communities where we play.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we aim to positively influence youth, focusing on academic excellence, sports opportunities, physical fitness, and the promotion of an inclusive environment for boys and girls. 

Here is a list of our accomplishments dating back to our inception in 2009 followed by an annual Impact Report on each year.

  • For over 10 years — not counting the ’20-’21 pandemic year and our first year — Mo’ Motion has served 500-700 young people annually from ages 5-18 with typically a 60 percent boys and 40 percent girls participation ratio in areas including the upper east/west sides of Manhattan, Harlem & The Bronx.
  • As leaders in player-centered development and the highest in IQ basketball standards, we have developed foundations and spring boards for recreational players to college players.
  • We formed the Gotham Basketball Association, winner of the 2017 Jr. NBA Program of the Month, to serve boys and girls in Manhattan, a place that is always tight on gym space and not typically as generous with sharing space with girls as a result. About 70-80 teams per year participate in our winter and spring leagues. We raise money annually to cover teams that cannot afford participation fees, gym costs and admin overhead.
  • As believers of diversity in leadership positions, Mo’ Motion is one of the few programs in the tri-state area that consistently hires females as paid and volunteer coaches, referees, table support, interns and administrative support.
  • We have raised over $70,000 in funds to support our coaches working in public schools to support teams and youth in need.
  • We have invested $70,000+ in replacing new rims, backboards, wall pads, adjustable hoops, ball racks, equipment supplies in both indoor gyms and outdoor parks including, but not limited to:  Riverside Park – 76th Street Courts, PS 75, PS 191, Madison Ave, Presbyterian Church, Dunleavy Milbank Center, The Anderson School, West Side High School, WHEDco & more.
  • Mo’ Motion leaders, players and parents participate in clothing drive and shoe donations near and far; park clean-up days, and gift drives for our neighbors in need.

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Check Out Our 2020 IMPACT!

Overcoming the Challenges of 2020 By Making IMPACTS Together!

We all know 2020 was a challenging year. For Mo’ Motion it meant losing access to all of our gyms and having to go virtual for several months. When we could, we held training on outdoor courts. We also knew that this unprecedented time called for rallying our players, giving them support, and empowering them by helping them to support others.

Good Will Pick-Up & Delivery to the Bronx

Power to the People Who Do Good! Parents and coaches picked up clothing and donations on the upper east/west sides, then did a drop off the donations to WHEDco and Black Lives Matter of Greater New York in the Bronx. THANK YOU to our drivers Angela, Ya-Ting and Joseph Duran for making the run to the Bronx.

We were able to supply new and gently used sporting equipment, books, and more! These donations went directly to youth in neighboring communities who might not otherwise have access.

Peer Support Initiative

We encouraged our Mo’ Motion players and friends to support our neighbors in the Bronx who love sports and are in need at this time of clothing, sports equipment, and basic necessities.  WHEDco, a non-profit serving the Bronx, provided us with a list of needs for their players and students via an Amazon wish list.  Many of the students in WHEDco’s programs were struggling with housing challenges, food shortages, and refills of school supplies at this time.

Care for Riverside Park

The pandemic didn’t stop us from recruiting players, family members, and friends to help us care for one of our favorite community parks! We gathered for leaf raking and light garbage pickup at Riverside Park @ W76th Street, following the guidelines from the Riverside Park Conservancy.

Dribble for Justice

Basketball has a way of bringing communities together, and organizers for Dribble for Justice harnessed that power. Their goal was to bring players and coaches together to represent peace and unity. Coach Mo joined Dribble for Justice up at The Rucker in the Bronx and ended her dribbling support in Harlem.

Check Out Our 2019 IMPACT!

Celebrating 10 Years By Giving Back

The year 2019 marked our ten year anniversary as a non-profit, working to promote inclusive and accessible basketball opportunities for boys and girls. For this special milestone, we decided to give back to the place that helped us start it all – Riverside Park – which was in desperate need of some help as you can see from some of these pictures! We raised $20,000 for new rims and boards at Riverside Park and continue to work on the renovation project.

Supporting Community Organizations

We strive to support other organizations in our community who need our help in promoting activities, leagues, and opportunities for youth. When the Children’s Aid Society needed extra promotions for their Mamba Development League in February of 2019, we promoted the event on our website and social media channels.

Check Out Our 2018 IMPACT!

Celebrating Another Awesome Season for the Cubs of PS 191!

Early on in September of 2018 when we were rallying the Cubs of PS 191 for the upcoming winter hoops season, a few of their male counterparts in grades 3-5 said, “What about us?” For eight seasons, Mo’ Motion has been the proud source of motivation and support for girls grades 3-5 who want to learn how to play hoops and be part of a team – girls who might not otherwise have this opportunity.  This year we decided to add two boys’ teams as well, given the popularity and demand to play by the boys, especially since the school moved into a brand new building with a beautiful gym right down the street. Check out more of the story and see how the season went for our teams!

Witnessing the Success of Our Players

In 2018 we were proud to see Mo’ Motion alum Zach Light achieve his goal and commit to play Division I basketball at Colgate University. Zach started with Mo’ Motion in grades 4-8 as a team player before he figured out how to navigate the crazy world of NYC hoops. Zach was part of our 250 Club (250 hours per summer) in grade 8 and basically every summer since. (We stopped counting!) All the coaches who worked with Zach are happy for him simply because he is a great teammate who got out of his comfort zone and did the work. 

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles through Sports

One of our biggest goals is to help families build healthy lifestyles through athletic participation. We know this is about more than physical health, and we know that families are busy and sometimes sports are not the priority. We work to make inclusivity and accessibility a priority, promoting the benefits of sports and offering tools and support for parents.

Giving Tuesday

We participated in the annual Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving through collaboration, where we set two goals in cooperation with Gotham Basketball Association (GBA), local schools, and community organizations. We reached out to our supporters to raise funds to improve area gyms and update much needed athletic equipment, and also build a volunteer network. This was about giving kids who might not otherwise have the chance much needed opportunities, encouragement, and resources to get enthusiastic about physical fitness, build positive peer relationships, self-esteem, and learn how to give back to their communities, too.

Check Out Our 2017 IMPACT!

Pick-Up for Puerto Rico!

Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm, ravaged Puerto Rico in 2017. This catastrophic storm left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands injured and in need. Mo’ Motion set a goal to raise awareness of how every little bit counts! We combined basketball fun and goodwill toward the people of Puerto Rico, asking all who joined us for some pick-up basketball to bring donations of diapers, baby food, batteries, first aid supplies, feminine hygiene products – and we of also provided information for donating cash directly to the cause.

Check Out Our 2016 IMPACT!

Sneaker Giveaway & Soccer Fun in the Dominican Republic

In 2016 Coach Mo returned to the Dominican Republic where she visited with her friend, Robinson and coordinated a special project with Diane of Diane’s Sun Camp in Puerto Plata, DR. Coach Mo supplied shoes and sneakers to help protect kids and families who couldn’t afford them against parasites that enter the body through the feet. Mo of course also worked out with the kids before ending her journey to the camp.  

Check Out Our 2014 IMPACT!

Continuing Support for the Cubs

Mo’ Motion continued in 2014 to sponsor the girls’ GBA and public school teams at PS 191 (The Cubs) and PS 75. Watching the Cubs’ players develop not only as athletes, but as young girls, has been so rewarding!

Check Out Our 2013 IMPACT!

Scoreboard Repair at West Side High School

In August 2013, Mo’ Motion and NY Urban sponsored the purchase of a new NEVCO clock at MS 44.  Project cost:  $3500.

On Dec. 29, 2013, Mo’ Motion and the GBA sponsored the repair of the scoreboard at West Side High School. The board had not been working for years due to faulty wiring. Mo’ Motion and GBA picked up the cost of the assessment, new cable, labor costs to re-wire the board and the shot clocks, plus the cost of the genie and rental of the gym space needed to rent for the repair.  Project cost:  $3,200.

Mo’ Motion also continued in 2013 to sponsor the girls’ GBA and public school teams at PS 191 (The Cubs) and PS 75.

Check Out Our 2012 IMPACT!

Meet the Cubs of PS 191

Mo’ Motion decided to say thank you to the principal, staff and students at our first rented public school – PS 191. We replaced the backboards over the summer with help from our friends at Zog Sports. Coach Mo then decided to go into the school to rally a group of grade 3-5 girls to form a club team that may or may not want to play against Mo’ Motion teams on the weekend during our rented gym time. At the very least, they would get regular exercise and be with their friends every week.

Read about the unexpected journey this decision began, and the inspiring story of a group of underdogs – the Cubs of PS 191

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy hit New York City on October 29, 2012 and resulted in the deaths of 44 residents. It also inflicted an estimated $19 billion in damages and lost economic activity across the New York City. Mo’ Motion wanted to do our small part to help our greater community, in so we:

•  Helped  our Mo’ Motion friend get back on his feet by collecting gift cards, financial contributions, donations, clothes, etc.  

•  Donated to the Children’s Aid Society so families in Staten Island can go to grocery stores for food and essentials.

•  Volunteered at Food Bank New York during the week.

•  Paying Mo’ Motion Staff the weekend after the storm – many staff members financially relied on our program.

Check Out Our 2011 IMPACT!

Bring a Parent to Practice Annual Fundraiser

In 2011 we started what is now an annual event – Bring a Parent to Practice. This annual fundraiser raises awareness and financial support for our scholarship players at Mo’ Motion and for our sponsored teams in the GBA. That first event was so much fun, (and funny), that we knew we had to continue it in future years, and all for a great cause.

Check Out Our 2010 IMPACT!



In late 2009 Mo decided to do a volunteer vacation trip to the Dominican at Diane’s Sun Camp in Puerto Plata, DR. in 2010, and there she met  Robinson, who in turn helped her organize a few workout sessions with the kids. Mo also brought a bunch of sneakers, soccer shirts and gear on her trip and gave them away to the kids in the batey, an area for Haitian refugees near Diane’s camp.  The group played basketball, baseball, soccer and went swimming in the river before having lunch in Mo’s camp apartment.


Support Our Goals

In order to reach these goals and provide needed opportunities to youth who are too often left in the margins, we need community and business support. Please see our Donations page to learn how you can help. We also need volunteer assistance to help support our programs and ensure that all youth in our communities have access to quality opportunities.

Email [email protected] if you would like more information about our future IMPACT plans.

Here’s the RUMBLE highlight video of 2011.

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