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Internship Spaces Available for Fall of 2018!


Looking to fill internship hours and want to work in a positive, engaging environment where you can help make a difference in the lives of area youth? We have spaces available in fall of 2018 for college interns.

An internship with Mo’ Motion

We look for interns who can help with gym management, coaching, office, marketing and administrative work, and other roles that support the mission of Mo’ Motion.  You are free to select areas where you feel you could contribute the most and where you feel our program will be of benefit to you in building your resume and experience.

For a more complete listing of these types of positions and a link for the application, please visit this page.

Why is an internship so valuable?

Internships are not just requirements for many high school and college students. They give students the extra edge in their careers, and colleges, students, and employers across the country are recognizing the value. Internships provide individuals with opportunities to build specific skills pertinent to their future careers, and expose them to situations, relationships, learning curves, strategic partnerships, and other valuable components that simply cannot be attained in the classroom.


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