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Mo’ Motion Basketball & Fitness teaches, motivates and inspires children in grades K-8 through our skill-based curriculum, which includes clinics, group workouts, private sessions, team practices and Manhattan-based league play in the 72-team Gotham Basketball Association. We take great pride our outstanding coaching staff, structure and style, as well as our ability to use athletic experiences as way to teach children and young adults life lessons. Position title:  Mo’ Motion Interns & Community Service Volunteers Eligible Grades:  9th 10th 11th 12th recent graduate/alumni.  Send all correspondence to:  [email protected]

What We Are Looking For – Coach:

A coach that is involved in the teaching process, with great presence, knowledge and an ability to create a relationship with players that is valuable to their development as ballers, teammates and individuals.

1. Time Commitment

  • Weeknight Workouts: 2 hours Tues, Wed or Thurs evening
  • K-3: 2 hours Saturday or Sunday morning
  • Grade 4: 2 hours Saturday (Boys) or Sunday (Girls)
  • Grade 5/6: 2 hours Saturday & Sunday
  • Grade 7/8: 2 hours Friday & Sunday
  • Off for major holidays

2. Coaching Responsibilities

  • Supervise athletes to promote effective student learning through participation in athletic activities.
  • Organize practice sessions that are both stimulating and instructive; teach basic fundamental skills; prepare daily practice activities and keep records on file; emphasize and promote good sportsmanship in the conduct of team members and coaches.

3. Administrative Responsibilities

  • Know your gyms – entrance and exit, emergency procedures, equipment locations
  • Take attendance at each session. Report to the office any players who are not on your list. During the season, report players who do not show up
  • Wear Mo’ Motion gear to all events. If you need extras, email the office.
  • Give advance notice whenever possible if you will miss a session. We will need time to find a sub.


What We Are Looking For – Research, Administration and Operations

Mo’ Motion, Inc. is seeking motivated and reliable high school and college students to fill it’s coaching, research and administrative positions.

1. Time Commitment

  • Hours are available Monday – Friday and are flexible according to the commitment you are able to make.

2. Responsibilities

  • Depending on time commitment, interns will be staffed on various office projects. These projects can be tailored to their interest and can involve social media, customer service, financial analysis, programming, registration, merchandising and other exciting behind the scenes projects that make Mo’ Motion possible.
  • Interns must show up on time. If they cannot make an appointment, they must give advanced notice.
  • Interns should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Interns are expected to be reliable, trustworthy, enthusiastic, personable and motivated individuals who figure out the task at hand and bring not only the best solution but a list of additional thoughts and recommendations.
  • Successful interns will be those who come up with their own ideas, initiative and follow them through to completion. 


I’m Interested… Now What?

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