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Live Workouts with Mo – 2x per day!


Let’s get the home schooling party started with an upbeat 20 minutes of moves, footwork, push-ups and dancing with Motion coaches, players and friends. We are assuming no one in this session has anything more than their sneakers on and a bottle of water (chug contest at the end). We will make it work with a lot of fun moves and footwork.  Pick from the workouts below and fill out the forms to sign up (it’s free) or you can just hop in.  Feel free to share this page with your friends too and get them to join in!

Morning Cup of Mo’
Monday-Friday – 8:20-8:45 am
Saturday – 9:30-10:00 am
Sunday – OFF
Afternoon Mix of Motion Fun
Monday-Friday – 3:30-4:30 pm
Saturday – 10:15-11:15 am
Sunday – OFF

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Motion Live Training is a mix of the following offerings and largely based on age/grade and home situation (full quarantine or kids have access to a hoop or backyard to run)

1) Grades 3-8 – Daily live training Morning Cup of Mo’ Motion and Afternoon Mix on Zoom with Mo and her shelter-in-place family members. These are designed to help structure kids’ days and keep them virtually with teammates. It also serves as a PE portion to home school.

2) Grades 7 and up – We have recommended three apps so far Pure Sweat, Home Court AI (for those with hoops) and Fitivity for those with and without hoops given their robust offering of home workouts from speed to agility to push-ups and yoga to basketball drills.  Go here for all the links and info.

3) Custom time with Mo – via a high intensity jumping program for high school boys, and speed/agility with high school girls. Mo also likes to see shooting form of all kids so kids can send samples of their shots for a virtual look and feedback.

All of the services are free for a month. We are not doing this to make money. Yes, we are concerned with how to support our staff during a time of no programming, yet we are more concerned right now about doing the right thing, which is to 1) teach the kids the value of following the rules prescribed by doctors, 2) supporting the kids during what will be a lonely stretch of time, and 3) supporting parents who need to work and need someone else explaining to their kids the value of structure, discipline, and space.

Here’s Hailey in the first Google Hangout Meeting and Reese after her morning Cup of Motion!

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