Mo’ Motion Girls’ Grades 7-8 – Aces

Sat-Sun Updated:  TUES, DEC 13 for DEC 17-18 weekend – must call out by emailing Mo.

Mo’ Motion PARENT Master Schedule – Sat and Sun details here
**If you want in on the OPEN GYM TIME, email Mo.

IMPORTANT:  NO extra balls in the gym on game day.  No dribbling in the bleachers, no shooting at half time because it slows down the games and we respect people’s time — including the parents, teams and coaches coming in after you (and the guards who want to go home on time).  We must keep games on time or strive to do so.  We also have to keep gyms clean, neat and above all — safe.


• OFF:  Xmas, NYear’s, President’s Weekend (not the full week). 
• Please RSVP OUT to games/practices and reason why. 
• Apparel will be in soon – DEC 7ish – and Mo will hand out with help from parents. 
• To order a backpack that holds a ball bag (many of our kids have it), go here to EPIC HIGH FIVE backpack and customize with Name, Mo’ Motion (or not).  We are royal blue now as a primary color, but kids still have purple ones.


– We will add games and update you once we do (within these slots)
– Wear practice t-shirts once issued to practice, and full game top and bottom to games.
– Games will be played at W108, PS 452 (Sat and Sun); W77, E76, W138 (Sun only)

Boost Details:

Tues 6:15-7:30pm FULL – wait list only – Mo’ Fitness, Handles, Strength (no hoop this night) – Anderson/Computer School on W77th

Wed both FULL – wait list only – 6:25-7:45pm for Gr 3-5, 6:35-7:55pm for Gr 6-8 at RODEPH enter on W79th (this workout may sell out)

Thurs 6-7:20pm for Gr 3-5, 6:15-7:45pm for Gr 6-8 at PS 452 enter on W61st/Ams

Fri 6-7:20pm for Gr 3-5, 7-8:30pm for Gr 6-8 at PS 452

Link to all winter programs here.