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NYC Basketball Club – Summer Volunteer Work and JR Coaching Opportunities

Summer 2023 – Mo’ Motion JR Coaching and Volunteer internships are available.   Participants can serve in various capacities depending on needs for the days/weeks they sign up for.  An ideal day is making sure the participants workout out with our JR campers (if not coach in the AM — or do both).  Those who want to do the full day will help Mo with office work in preparation for next season and our public service initiatives which include inclusion and diversity in hiring females to coach more youth sports. 

Other tasks will include website building support as well as creative projects in the afternoon with the kids — either working with the kids on music and writing or exploring local field trip opportunities.  We are going to ask interns to help do a database of local volunteer opportunities for high school teens so that our parents and teens can use this database of NYC opportunities in the future.  We will also log grants and partnerships that promote girls’ participation in sports and any and all programs that are inclusive and looking for more playing opportunities for under-resourced kids in NYC.

Also:  Riverside Park typically asks for our help with weeding and landscaping, so this is also an option although it typically is hard to do yard work in the direct sun during 11-4pm, so we will do work that makes sense based on the temperature.  

Please fill out this form with the most important info being the dates participants are able to work.  We are putting together the calendar on an ongoing basis and saving our work so that every summer we build up Camp Motion and our Volunteer NYC initiative.


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