Program Descriptions

For newcomers: Below is a list of seasons and programs.  We are currently on the Upper West Side, but we plan on returning to the Upper East Side for 2023-24.

Once you know what seasons and programs work for you, then go to our FIND YOUR PROGRAM PAGE and search by season.

Fall = Mid-Sept to first week of November aka PRE-SEASON (individual work, prep for season).  *MAKE SURE you reach out to us by mid-October if interested in our team play because we often run out of roster spots for winter! (*An excellent choice for high school kids preparing for their season.)

Winter = True basketball season starts in NOVEMBER (many parents miss this and are too late to sign up) and it ends end of February to the first week of March (finals) – TEAM PLAY in our home-grown league (since 2009).  Then we take private school break and start end of March/first Week of April.

Spring = Post-season after private school break in March.  Expect individual work, team training (for about 3-4 weekends) then team play season (3-5 weekends) with games from April-first weekend of June in our homegrown league. We also have added a boys’ and girls’ high school division as a more efficient and better alternative to “AAU” or “travel” which often is short for your child will play far too many games and you’ll waste a ton of time traveling when it could be spent on training and improving.

Summer = June through the end of August.  We do our own Camp Motion and private training in Manhattan AND we recommend other camps for our players.


PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS – The Mo’ Motion Typical Menu – Our most successful players adjust their schedule to see us as often as possible with winter being the priority.  We emphasize different aspects of our player-centered curriculum at different points of the year.  We also believe the NYC games, games and more games is a major mistake and we strike the balance that gets the results for all players.  READ ABOUT OUR ALUM HERE.

Option 1:  AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS – Tues-Fri (FALL and SPRING) outside at W76th Riverside Park Courts.  These sessions are for younger, entry level, beginner players from 3:45-5pm (with early drop/late pickup) – READ MORE.

Option 2: WEEKNIGHT BOOSTS- Fall, Winter, Spring – Tues-Fri evenings.  Boosts are for Gr 3-5 and Gr 6-9, and they run mostly in the evening slots roughly starting at 5:30-6:15pm and ending between 7:20-8/8:30pm on the UWS.  We do significant repetitions of shooting and finishing repetitions along with handles, conditioning and scrimmage time.  Team players have the option to include this with their team package (encouraged, not mandatory).  Non-team players also attend Boosts if they cannot do our program on weekends.  READ MORE.

Option 3:  TRAIN AND PLAY WEEKENDS – Sat and/or Sun for Grades K-1, Gr 2-4 beginner — **right up through high school players preparing for winter hoops in the fall (pre-season) and for spring (post-season) play.  This option is for players who can do SAT or SUN or both but they don’t want the full team play package, which includes weekends and optional boost.  READ MORE.  

Option 4:  (a combo of 2 and 3) WINTER TEAM PLAY and/or SPRING TEAM PLAY — Grade 3-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8 and our new boys’ and girls’ (separate) Grades 9-11 separate boys’ and girls’ SPRING BOOT CAMP & GAMES Program-as the best alternative to AAU or “travel” ball which is a waste of time and money for 90 percent of the players in NYC.  (Note: We refer our advanced, serious and capable players out for AAU if and WHEN they will benefit from it.) Team play includes optional weeknight training (Boosts, but if kids need the after-school slot, we make it work) and Sat AND Sun.  It is our most robust offering and we are most effective with players who see us around fall/spring sports (winter is for basketball season), and learn our curriculum one step at a time.  We believe in proper practice:game hour ratios and we include injury prevention, strength, fitness and reminders on nutrition and sleep.  READ MORE.

Option 5:  SUMMER CAMPS.  Camp Motion is BACK!  We run half-day and full-day camps all summer!  Morning is for ballers and athletes (multi-sport conditioning included) and the afternoon is filled with flexible storytelling, music playing, dancing, singing, talent shows and local field trips to museums.  The kids get to pick what they want to do.  DETAILS HERE.

Option 6:  PRIVATE or SMALL GROUP WORKOUTS.  We do these mostly in the fall, spring and summer because our staff is fully vested in our program and league during winter.  To request privates, fill out this form and then email the office with any other details.  Request a JR or SR coach or Mo and we will see who is free.  Include all details.

Option 7:  JUMP SHOT TRAINING for SERIOUS PLAYERS – Does your child’s shooting need improvement?  Is a more serious player struggling with shooting and doesn’t know where to start, how to fix?  Fill out this FORMThen email [email protected].  She vets the players she takes on — and she teaches shooting along with rote finishes, post moves, guard moves — to make players better shooters AND scorers.   Sessions include photos, video and take-home work.  Email her and explain your child’s situation — grade, school, experience, problem areas, current team situation, goals.READ ABOUT OUR ALUM HERE!

Option 8:  HOLIDAYS or DAYS OFF FROM SCHOOL – Clinics and Events READ MORE/inquire We sometimes get requests to do privates, semi-privates or clinics on days off from school.  We usually have half or full days at Riverside Park – W76th Street.  We include these listings under the dates that fall within Fall, Winter, Spring on our Find our Programs Page.

Option 9: BIRTHDAY PARTIES – Outside with a permit or inside if we have gym space and coaches who are available.  We typically don’t have much extra space, and if we do, we offer b-day parties to our current clients.  Fill out a request here.

Option 10:  Volunteer Work and Community Service.  Volunteer coaches, parents and players – from our program or other programs or no program at all are welcome when we do park clean-up, landscaping and volunteer work.  We also take applications for volunteer and paid coaches.

Once you know what programs work for you, then go to our FIND YOUR PROGRAM PAGE and search by season.