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Registration for 2018-2019 Fall & Winter opens August 1!

We are now using SportsEngine for registration and scheduling. For a list with more detailed information about using this app, Registration, and Schedules, see helps hints at our Schedules page. You can also read more about it at our blog. 


RETURNING PARENTS & PLAYERS:  If you already know what program you want to register your child for, you can proceed straight to SportsEngine for registration.


Fall & Winter Programs for 2018/2019

training and team playFall-Winter Training & Team Play

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades 3-10
Where:  Fall – Upper West.  Winter – Upper East & Upper West.
Season:  Sept 14 – Mar 10

Brief Description:  During Fall season (Sept-Nov) Training & Team Play includes optional Friday, Saturday and Sunday workouts.  In Winter season, starting in November, there is mandatory team time.  Also included is optional BOOST weeknights during the Winter season.  Games start in January.  Teams participate in our competitive Gotham Basketball Association League and GBA March Madness tournament at the end of the season. Our teams play against NYC teams and other Mo’ Motion teams.

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Fall & Winter – Weeknight BOOST

Who: Boys & Girls – Grades 3-6
When:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays
Seasons:  Fall (Sept 11-Nov 8) and/or Winter (Nov 6-Mar 14)
Where:  Upper East and Upper West Side options

Brief Description:  Workouts are awesome skills, sweat, reps with music for one hour, followed by team teaching point or two and play/scrimmage time to end.

**Please note that WINTER ONLY BOOST is included in the Fall-Winter Training & Team Play program.

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Fall – Weekend Training Only

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades 2-12 
When:  Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays
Season:  Fall (Sept 14 – Nov 4)
Where:  Upper West Side

Brief Description:  Fall Weekend Training Only is a great entry point for Mo’ Motion programs that can lead to the Fall-Winter team experience.  Intense, structured workouts push individual skills in preparation for the school hoops season, a recreational league season, and/or the Mo’ Motion team fall-winter season. Players who invest time, sweat and reps in September-November pre-season pull ahead of other players during winter basketball season.  

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Winter – Weekend Practice Only Player

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades 3-12
When:  Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays
Season:  Winter (Nov 3 – Mar 10)

Brief Description:  Winter season runs 13-15 weekends.  Practice Only Players is a great program if your child does not want to commit to the mandatory team schedule but still wants to get in the gym this winter.  Practice Only Players practice during the team practices.  They do NOT participate in games. 

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Grades k-3Fall & Winter – Grades K-3

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades K-3
When:  Saturdays or Sundays
Seasons:  Fall (Sept 15-Nov 4). Winter (Nov 3-Mar 10).
Where:  Upper West Side

Brief Description:  Fall season runs 7 weekends.  Winter season is longer with 15 weekends and includes the popular Mo’ Motion Olympics.  The players run individual skills, drills and then group stations before breaking the kids into scrimmage time at the end where they can show you what they’ve learned and how hard they are working.  

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Note that in addition to our Fall & Winter offerings, we also offer:

If you are new to the program, you can also read “Why Mo’ Motion?”  and our FAQs to read about and see our program history, culture and program information.

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