Weekend Grades K-3

Grades K-1 and Grades 2-3 play split on two courts with six adjustable hoops and junior basketballs when needed.  The players run individual skills, drills and then group stations before breaking the kids into scrimmage time at the end.  We expect kids to sprint, hustle, be good teammates and we condition them more than other programs in the city.  They become stronger and prouder with each workout.  

Fall season runs 7 weekends (September-November).  Winter season is longer and includes the popular Mo’ Motion Olympics.  We also do timed obstacle courses, races and fun games in each workout.

Practices are closed except for the last 15 minutes for the benefit of all players.  We want the kids to be confident and focused, and we know they get excited and can get distracted when parents and siblings enter the scene.  Parents are welcome to watch through the window or door if the child can play without distraction.  Some parents enjoy the time for exercising, reading, or grabbing a coffee.

The options for the classes are listed below.



Grades K-3 – Upper West
7 Weekends
Dates:  Sept 14-Nov 3 (Closed Columbus Day Weekend)
When:  Saturdays or Sundays
Time:  10:45-12:15 pm
Cost:  $375
Who:  Grades K-3 Co-Ed
Location:  PS 75 – W 95th/West End Ave.


Upper WEST
Grades K-1 & 2-3 Train and Play + Mo’ Motion Olympics 
15 Weekends
Who:  Grades K-3 Co-Ed
Dates:  Nov 2-Mar 8
When:  Saturdays or Sundays  (SATURDAYS ARE CURRENTLY FULL.  To be added to Wait List please email office@momotion.org)
Time:  10:45-12:15 pm
Cost:  $825
Location:  PS 75 – W 95th/West End Ave.


What We Expect for Players Grades K-3 and Their Parents

Parents are often concerned about young players being scared, nervous, not coordinated or skilled enough to be playing hoops at this age.  We want to assure you that we understand the needs of kids this age and our staff is prepared to be positive and engaging to make it a great experience for all.

Notes For the Parents:

  • Please drop off and exit our closed practices and return for last 15 minutes for optimal results.
  • We highly recommend that you remind your children that our instructors are men and women and we have plenty of boys and girls in our very successful and fun program.
  • We remove the gender card for the K-4 group. Many girls/boys do not care about gender with the right energy and coaching in the gym, which we provide.  For those who do – if they are the ONLY boy or girl in the class – then we at least recognize it and do our best to remedy the situation.
  • We separate the boys/girls for team play and more workouts starting in Grades 4 and up, although we believe in mixed workouts for skills, reps, and drills until about grade 8.  
  • We want all kids to be working on control, focus, and listening skills.
  • No matter the age group, we are direct, fun, tough and positive.  They will sleep well after our workouts and you will be proud of their hard work!

Looking for After School classes? – Grades K-5

You can find the information here.  Co-Ed Grade K-5 After School Sweat

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