Spring Programs

Spring/Summer Registration Opens February 1!

Welcome to Mo’ Motion Youth Basketball & Training!

Below is a summary of each of our programs.  The program descriptions are meant to help you figure out what is best for your child.  You can then click on “Learn More” for each program for further details.

RETURNING PARENTS & PLAYERS:  If you already know what program you want to register your child for, you can proceed straight to SportsEngine for registration.

New to the program?  You can read “Why Mo’ Motion?” to read about our program history and culture.

We are now using SportsEngine for registration and scheduling. For a list with more detailed information about using this app, Registration, and Schedules, see helps hints at our Schedules page.  You can also read more about it at our blog. 

Our Spring Programs

training and team playTEAM Training & Local Tournament Play

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grade 3-10

When:  Saturdays & Sundays mandatory team time.  Weeknight BOOST optional and Fridays optional.

Season:  April 6 – June 10

Cost: $1,250  (limited scholarships available apply here)

Brief Description:  Teams train for 3-4 weekends then spend 3-4 weekends participating in local spring tournaments or in our competitive Gotham Basketball Association League. Our teams play against other Mo’ Motion teams and outside teams – in NYC and NJ.  Training is mandatory Saturday and Sunday. Optional Friday night plus optional Boost weeknight.  Some players only play basketball in the spring. Others are able to do both a spring sport and our basketball program because of the convenience of our local team play in mostly our gyms.  Click to see the details of practice time and expectations.

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Weekend Training ONLY

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades K-12 (Options broken down by gender/grade)

When:  Friday, Saturday or Sunday (Pick 1 day per weekend or Weekend Pass for access to all)

Season:  April 6 – June 3

Cost: $485 for 1 class per week.  $750 for Weekend Pass.

Brief Description:  Players who invest time, sweat and reps in the spring pull ahead of other players.  Disciplined, structured workouts push individual skills in preparation for the school hoops season, a recreational league season, and/or the Mo’ Motion team.  All workouts include reps, shooting mechanics, footwork, skills, conditioning, scrimmage and fun time.  Players train and play in a scrimmage in our 1 hour 45 minute to 2 hour workouts. 

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Weeknight BOOST

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades 3-12 (Split on separate courts by grade levels)

When:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays – (Pick 1 day per week or BOOST PASS for access to all days)

Season:  April 3 – May 24

Where:  Upper East or Upper West

Cost: $485 for one night per week.  $750 for BOOST PASS.

Brief Description:  Workouts are awesome skills, sweat, reps with music for one hour, followed by teaching point or two and play/scrimmage time to end.  

Please note that BOOST is included in the TEAM Training & Local Tournament Play program.

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Grades k-3Spring Grades K-3

Who:  Boys & Girls – Grades K-3
When:  Saturday or Sunday
Season:  April 7 – June 3
Where: Upper West Side
Cost:  $485 

Brief Description:  Spring season runs 8 weekends.  The players run individual skills, drills and then group stations before breaking the kids into scrimmage time at the end where they can show you what they’ve learned and how hard they are working.  

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Questions: Email office@momotion.org or call 646-756-5429

Questions: Email office@momotion.org or call 646-756-5429