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Q-Mix: Stuck Inside (No Hoop) & YouTube Tips

Here are some videos below that will help if you are stuck inside and also the best workout artists that we follow.

a) Also note that you can try some of our Best of Training Apps – and pull more customized ball-handling videos from Pure Sweat and Evolve Basketball and home workouts through Fitivity if you are inside.  Click here for Best of Apps.

b) Click here for Mo’ Motion demos and worksheets – Pick ball-handling options only.

c) Find what works for you on YouTube and Instagram.  We have listed some suggestions below.  Search by topic and time.  Save the ones you like and/or subscribe to your favorite channels and artists.

Here are a few simple suggestions on quarantine one-sheets and quick demos that you can find on Instagram and YouTube plus longer videos.

Our favorite workout artists:

#1) This guide is helpful to have on your phone.



Advanced Quarantine #1 Workout here-follow Ryan on YouTube and on Instagram.  He is outstanding for serious athletes – from high school onward.  You can do all of his Quarantine workouts at home – there are seven workouts as of last count and more to be posted.

Advanced Quarantine Workout #2:

Advanced Quarantine Workout #3:

3) Abs and HITT Classes – SIX Minutes.  Check this out and search for more workouts like this on YouTube.

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