Coaching Placement Services

Mo’ Motion has placed several coaches in the following schools: Rodeph Sholom, MS 344 The Anderson School, The Collegiate School, Heschel, PS 191, The Caedmon School, Nightingale Bamford, The Columbia Grammar School, Southhampton Day Camp, The Dwight School and more.

Mo’ Motion recruits, develops and retains NYC-based coaches who are interested in being part a team that puts development and youth over winning. We have attracted the attention of thousands of parents and young players as well as athletic directors, coaches and fans of basketball due to our highest standards of excellence in coaching. We co-coach in partners and work in programs where we share notes, drills, input and follow our Mo’ Motion curriculum, which includes our customized coaching videos, practice agendas, and expectations for our players as individuals and as teammates.

Mo’ Motion’s founder and director, Maureen Holohan, believes that the most critical years of development in young basketball players take place between grades 4-8. Maureen and her staff of mostly former high school and college (and even former pro players, including Maureen) believe that so many young players can make major gains if they stay on the proper diet of drills, skills, mechanics from close range as opposed to a diet of poor fundamentals, reliance on aggressive habits only, three-point shooting obsessions and a games, games and games mentality. Mo’ Motion coaches also believe in the value of learning player-to-player defense, in the Motion offense and in providing a fair amount of playing time to all players who show up to practice – not just the stronger players.

There’s a time and place for the convergence of high level aggression and desire and skill work. There will be plenty of opportunities for players to shoot three-pointers that matter in high school. There will be high school coaches who need players who can switch from a trapping zone to a man-to-man back to a junk defense, knowing it is all predicated on players knowing how to be accountable in containing their player. Coaches will be in situations where they have to play several players on a large team or maybe only the top 5-8 players depending on the school’s system and rules.

If an athletic director is interested in filling a coaching position, please contact The Mo’ Motion [email protected] for more information on our coaching placement services.