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birthday partiesCelebrate a Birthday with Mo’ Motion!

Mo’ Motion offers single or multi-sport birthday parties and events all year, pending gym availability and use of outdoor spaces.  Our gyms are located mostly on the upper west side from W61st to W95th and our outdoor spaces that we use for b-day parties are in Riverside Park at W76th-77th with exceptions for those who want to do Riverside Park in the W90s-104th.  We work with the parents and children to tailor the birthday activities to fit their age, skill and interests.   Parents are responsible for food, drinks, snacks and plates, cups, etc.  Mo’ Motion suggests ordering from local restaurants and timing the delivery during the party (and keeping the food away from the kids while they play).  Local restaurants we recommend are Little Italy Pizza, Shake Shack, etc. on the upper west side.  Mo’ Motion parties are no more than 90-minutes in terms of the sports component.  Coaches stay for 30 minutes to help with food and pickup.  Hard out meaning we do no more than two full hours as efficiently as possible between set up and pack-up.  We also insist that parents and attendees know that our coaches stay to ensure that no waste or gifts are left behind.

We can do soccer, flag football, basketball, dodgeball (as friendly of a game as possible for it’s a b-day party) and a variety of games and relay races.  Parents can specify, however, we do a nice job with a mix because kids at B-Day parties don’t always have a sports background, so it’s best to get in and out of many sports with fun games attached and relay races.

birthday parties

Enthusiastic instructors coach and lead up to 25 kids for almost two hours and then can walk the kids to a nearby restaurant for pizza or kids are given a snack bag on the way out of the party.

Current Mo’ Motion families get a 10% discount on birthday parties!

Plan Your Party!

Cost is $650 – 2 coaches for up to 20 kids.
Cost is $800 – 3 coaches for 20-30 kids.
Duration is two hours, but includes max of 75-90 min of activity then 30-45 min of food/gifts.
Total duration of party for invitations:  Two hours – hard out at the end of the party.

* Mo’ Motion assigns and secures the indoor/outdoor space
* Mo’ Motion brings equipment
* Mo’ Motion brings extra garbage bags

**IF IT RAINS, we try to push the party back in the same day or we build in a make-up date (see form).

Parents or planners must bring:
* Table cloth to sit around or put on a table (if we are inside/outside)
* Paper plates, utensils, cups – note we prefer paper, no straws or juice box wrapper plastic that can blow away easily
* Food, snacks, dessert that is easy to serve.  Small paper boxes for snacks and little water bottles with a small prize are easy and fun.
* We recommend a snack or drink to start the workout and then lunch or dinner plus dessert.

* Suggested restaurants nearby that pack up food well – Shake Shack, Little Italy Pizza.
* Please make sure the kids have a snack to start and then stay away from candy and cake until END of sports segment – HIDE IT!
* Garbage bags for trash and secure bags to carry gifts home.
**Mo’ Motion staff stays for clean up – and will also bring garbage bags as backup.
We do ask that the parent hosting the party sign a Birthday Party Waiver & Indemnity form for B-Day Parties (signing off for the entire party) – click here to sign both the waiver and indemnity.

Complete the form below so we can check on available space and coaches.  

After we receive your request, we will confirm the details with you, then send a calendar invite after you’ve paid HALF the fee as a deposit.  The other half is due 5 days before the party date.


**Write child’s name, session, days on line item.
Venmo – @momotion (skip the friend/4-digit phone # step and it will work).
Zelle – [email protected] for Mo’ Motion Inc
PayPal –

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