Mo’ Motion offers single or multi-sport birthday parties and events all year, pending gym availability and use of outdoor spaces. Coach Kristin typically is the lead coach for all b-day party events.  Here are the details.

Where:  Mostly OUTSIDE at W76th/Riverside unless we have open gym space at W61st or W77th.   Parents can also request their own court or preferred location (with courts/fields) and we will see if we can make it work.

What if it rains?  We can go under the overpass at W72nd Street/Hudson River or we plan for a raindate/backup date the next day usually.  We try to book on Saturdays for instance, 3-5pm is a popular time, and if it rains we go for Sunday the same time, same place or we adjust it if needed.

Who:  Kids ages 6-12.

Sports:  Birthday Party Child’s Pick of 3 – but usually dodgeball, basketball, soccer, flag football or kickball.  We add relay races to warm kids up and in between.  We provide kickball, dodgeballs, footballs and 3-4 basketballs.

Duration:  90 minutes with us and then food for 30 minutes (they eat fast).  We recommend a snack to start the workout and water.  We do activities for 75-90 minutes and towards the end, the food is set up so the kids can have food and cake for the last 30 minutes.

Food:  Parents are responsible for food, drinks, snacks and plates, cups, etc. Mo’ Motion suggests ordering from local restaurants and timing the delivery during the party (and keeping the food away from the kids while they play). Local restaurants we recommend are Little Italy Pizza, Shake Shack, etc. on the upper west side. Mo’ Motion parties are no more than 90-minutes in terms of the sports component.

Cleanup:  We pay coaches to stay for the full 2 hours to make sure there is no garbage left behind.  We keep a tight two hours max so that our coaches and all the participants are out on time.

Cost:  $500 for an outdoor b-day party–two hours in total.  Based on two full hours, one coach per eight players, and we always assume more will show because they always do.  For 16-24 participants, 3 coaches, two hours, outside (food not included)–$500.  We can include balloons to mark the meeting spot for an additional $50 (but some like to save the cost and it’s less garbage).

If we do have gyms available and can play inside, we add $100/hour to the above charge for gym fees (two hours minimum unless we have another group coming in at the 90-minute mark which would be -$50).  We cannot eat in the gyms, so we will help find a spot outside or a pizza place nearby that will handle the pizza and seating.

What to Bring:  It is recommended that b-day child’s parents bring a) a snack and water to start — some bring it in a small cardboard box or just hand it out (fruit, goldfish, etc) b) make sure invite says bring your own water bottle (there’s a fountain at the park for refills) and c) a sheet – plastic or cloth – to put down on the ground for kids to sit/eat around the food/pizza, cake and d) extra napkins/garbage bags.  Motion brings balls, bases, first aid kit, some simple prizes, stickers and extra garbage bags just in case we need more.  Motion can recommend when and how to order the food – and to pick it up – from a local pizza place or Shake Shack so it is well timed and organized for hungry, sweaty, kids to enjoy.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in requesting a birthday party that will in most cases be outside unless we have gym space.  Put your preference in the form.  After we state if we can fill the request, here is the link to pay:  Mo’ Motion Birthday Party – OUTSIDE


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Day off from school?  Want to put together a small group for an outside workout?  A full class workout?  Do the kids like dodgeball, kickball, basketball and more?  Great!  You pick the sports and then email the office with your details – size of group, day/time, outdoor location or area, and we’ll set up the coaches, link and instructions.   Reach us out at [email protected] or [email protected]


Email the office if you want to customize a group for a holiday clinic, camp or fitness event.  Specify the days/times/locations and the size of your group. We’ll work on staffing the event and creating an item for parents to choose in our registration system. Reach us out at [email protected] or [email protected]


Email Mo your day/time, request for rental knowing we have to assign a coach and fall within compliance of all gym rules, which change gym to gym. Reach her out at [email protected] or [email protected]

When you arrive at the registration system, click the Mo’ Motion icon to create a new account.

NOTE: If you are viewing the registration site on mobile you will need to create an account and use the app in order to see all of the information for sessions on your phone. Otherwise you can view all with the desktop mode. 

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