SPRING SCHEDULE: March 28-June 4 (off Memorial, Easter Weekends)

Below is a list of all programs/dates.  More on breakdown of our SEASONS and descriptions of each program.

Here is our latest list of trials, training and OPEN workouts if you are new to the program and an alum returning for gym time.

February and March School Holiday Breaks – CLICK HERE For more info – half and full day options!

After reviewing the offerings, this is where you REGISTER for Spring-Summer 2023.

Spring After-School Basketball & Fitness
Riverside Park/W76th Street
Beginner K-2, Gr 3-4, Gr 5-6 – Split up on different courts, optional dodgeball or kickball at the end
*Under overpass at W70th if it rains — we will announce.
March 29-June 2
Cost: $500 for 10 sessions + BRING YOUR OWN BALL (proration is available if program is not sold out)
Pick from: Tues, Wed, Th, Fri 3:45-5pm – Write the day in your registration form.
*Coaches are at the courts at 3:30pm and can stay until 5:15pm (please make a request).

SPRING Weeknight BOOST! (more details here)

Reps, Skills, Drills, Condition and PLAY – Gr 2-5, Gr 6-12 separated by age, court, size – shooting form, repetitions, 1:1 separated by age with extended time offered for older players as requested.
*Team players get to pick a Boost – included with team play but not mandatory!
Locations: Vary – see below
Dates/Times:  Tues-Fri – March 28-June 2 (Times are slightly adjusted per location)
Cost:  $550 for 10 sessions – BYOBALL – 27.5 inch for under 10yo, 28.5 for girls/boys, 29.5 for boys grade 7 and up. REGISTER

Tues BOOST – **Matthew Sapolin Playground on W70th from 5:15-6:45pm for Grades 3-6; from 5:45-7:15pm for Grades 7-10.  We may find an indoor gym for TUES night – standby.  Backup is under overpass on W70th if it rains. REGISTER

Wed BOOST – at Rodeph on W79th for April 19, April 26, May 3, May 31 – from roughly 6-7:20pm Gr 3-5, 6:15-7:40pm for Gr 6-9.  Rest of sessions are outside March 29-May 31 with optional bonus week – 5:15-6:45pm Gr 3-6, and 5:45-7:15pm Gr 7-10.  REGISTER

Thu BOOST – At PS 452 enter on W61st near Amsterdam – 6-7:20pm for Gr 2-5 and 6:20-7:50pm for Gr 6-9. REGISTER

Fri BOOST – AT PS 452 enter on W61st/Ams – 6-7:30pm for Gr 2-5, Gr 6-11 separated by court for lots of shooting and finishes (6 hoops) from 7:20-8:50pm. REGISTER

Sat and Sun TRAIN AND PLAY (description here) – For Gr K-12 – This listing includes all TEAM PLAYER SLOTS – Note that team players use these slots to prepare for team play (next listing) and many kids workout with us around a spring sport! Nine weekends — off Memorial & Easter Weekends.  Players are separated by age/experience – and developed at the right pace for drills leading to scrimmage time.  REGISTER

Spring Saturdays and/or Sundays
Cost:  One weekend day ($550 — both is $1,000) – note this is included with SPRING TEAM PLAY packages
PS 452 enter on W61st/near Ams
Booker T/MS 54 enter on W108th/Col
Anderson/Computer School on W77th/bet Col/Ams

SAT 9-10:45am – Gr K-1, Gr 2-beginner 3 TRAIN AND PLAY at PS 452
SAT 10:45am-12:45pm Girls’ Gr 4-5-6 at PS 452
SAT 12:45pm-2:45pm NEW to Mo’ Motion Girls’ Gr 7-8 at PS 452
SAT 2:30-4pm at DALTON on E87th!!  for Mo’ Motion Girls’ Gr 9-12
SAT 2:45-4pm BACKUP for All + Boys’ Gr 5-6 (soccer/baseball player backup if needed)

SAT 9-11am Boys’ Gr 3-4 (mostly boys, advanced girls are welcome)
SAT 11-1pm Boys’ Gr 5-6- at MS 54
SAT 1-3pm Boys’ Gr 7-8 at MS 54
SAT 3-5pm Boys’ Gr 9-12 at MS 54
– we have the gym until 6pm for us to build out games when we add them

Spring Sundays – $550 for spring (or included with team play package)
Additional Gym:  Anderson/Computer School on W77th/bet Col/Ams and MS 54 on W108th

SUN 9-10:45 am Gr K-1, Gr 2-3 Train and Play – at Anderson 
SUN 9:30-11:30am Girls’ Gr 4-5-6 – at Anderson (other side of court-3 hoops)
SUN 2:30-4:30pm  Girls’ Gr 7-8 – at Anderson
SUN 3:30-5:30pm Girls’ Gr 9-12 – at Anderson
SUN 9-11am Boys’ Gr 4 – at MS 54
SUN 11-1pm Boys’ Grade 5-6 – at MS 54
SUN 3-5pm Boys’ Gr 7-8 – at MS 54

SPRING TEAM PLAY – Gr 3-4, Gr 5-6, Gr 7-8 and now INVITE-ONLY HS Boys’ Gr 9-10, Gr 10-11; Girls HS 9-10 – DETAILS BELOW (our usual format) – REGISTER

EVALUATIONS and shooting clinic are March 4-5, March 11 – Must be invited to attend or a current Mo’ Motion player.  Email [email protected] for info.

**Team players get to pick one optional BOOST plus SAT OR SUN (see above slots for practice times) or all three for $1200.  New players must pay $100 apparel fee.  Knee pads are mandatory for all players.  BYOBall to most workouts.  March 28-June 4 = 9 weekends.  Games are built within or close to the times listed above once we add them after spring training camp.  We also will include nutrition, summer training guide, camp recommendations outside of Mo’ Motion camps and the Motion Mile + other fitness tests (age appropriate based on guides from experts) for those who want to up their games. REGISTER

Follow the schedule above for SAT and SUN.  Note that we add games in our gyms/slots or close to these slots at courts near our gyms or as close as possible. REGISTER

TEAM PLAY which includes a buffet of the above Gr 3-4, Gr 5-6, Gr 7-8 and our new Gr 9-11 program that is an alternate to “travel” and “AAU” basketball (which is just a label that entices parents and kids to commit to what feels like a waste of time or just something that could have been done more efficiently than joining a team that eats up entire weekends.

Check out the details about our BOYS’ SPRING BOOT camp Gr 7-8, Gr 9-12 approach for older, more serious players will include strength, conditioning, nutrition and summer camp planning in addition to hours of reps, 1:1, 3:3, true teaching of moving without the ball, player to player D, proper shooting form, playing THE position you need to be working on for increased high school minutes.

We also have customized our spring for Girls’ Gr 7-8 and Girls’ Gr 9-12 Spring TRAIN and PLAY GAMES!

Private Lessons, Semi-Privates, Birthday Parties, and Hoop Rentals will be open for registration after Thanksgiving.

VIRTUAL TRAINING - Private & Small Group


VIRTUAL TRAINING - Private & Small Group