Executive Director

Executive Director Maureen Holohan is a former high school All-American (Troy, NY/Troy High School) and Class A New York State Champion and state MVP.  Maureen received a full scholarship to Northwestern University.  As a Wildcat, she earned All-Big Ten honors for three seasons while studying in the Medill School of Journalism.  During her junior year, she won The Randolph Hearst Journalism Award for feature writing, otherwise known as the Pulitzer Prize of college journalism.   After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in journalism and a minor in urban studies, Maureen played professional basketball briefly in Greece, Hungary and Israel.  She returned to the United States with rough drafts of her young adult sports series of books called, “The Broadway Ballplayers.”  No publisher would publish the series, so Maureen set out on her own to tell the stories of young players who grew up loving sports on Broadway Ave.  Within five years, Maureen visited 150 schools and sold over 110,000 copies.  Book #4: Sideline Blues was a finalist for The Publisher’s Association Young Adult Book of the Year.

Without knowing anyone outside of her CYO friend/opponent at Columbia University and her sister, who was working in Manhattan, Maureen moved to NYC to be an English and history teacher, and to expand her career as a freelance writer.  While freelancing for Women’s Health, Elle Magazine, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, Maureen continued to play basketball and soon she started to teach small groups of kids.  She is also a member of the Boys and Girls Club National Hall of Fame, the Troy High Hall of Fame and the NYS Section II Hall of Fame.  

In 2009, she started Mo’ Motion with a team of seventh grade boys.  Today Mo’ Motion and the Gotham Basketball Association serve 1,000 boys and girls annually.   Mo’ Motion and GBA were named as the January 2017 JR NBA Program of the Month.  Both programs have been the recipients of awards and grants from Sports NY-1, Good Sports and the Hoosie Martin Foundation.

Maureen continues to coach, direct, write and produce videos and stories while living and working out of her home and office in Harlem.  Her recent endeavors include marathon swimming and promoting activism both locally and nationally.