Volunteer with Mo’ Motion

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our operations are limited at this time, but below you can see our typical volunteer need. Contact us with questions!

We Have Positions for Volunteers!

  • Community service ages 13-18 
  • Interns ages 18 and up
  • Volunteer coaches/helpers/scorekeepers ages 18 and up

NOTE: We want to make sure our volunteers also learn how to be responsible and enthusiastic leaders. This starts when they contact us. Please make sure you – and not your parent – reach out to us with your interest and you are the one who completes the application. We look forward to hearing from you!

WHEN WE NEED VOLUNTEERS: Our need for volunteers changes with our schedule (which you can find on our Programs tab). In general, we need volunteers for the following days during certain seasons:

Summer Volunteers – Weekdays for our camps – see the camp schedules (Applications accepted April 1 – May 31)

Fall-Winter Volunteers – Weekends for our practices and games, some after school and weeknight shifts available depending upon need (Applications accepted August 1 – January 15)

Spring Volunteers – Weekends for our practices and games, some after school and weeknight shifts available depending upon need (Applications accepted February 1 – March 15)

If you already know you are interested in volunteering with Mo’ Motion, you can find the application at the bottom of this page. If you want to learn more about positions and responsibilities, we have lots of informative links for you on this page. Let us know if you have any questions! 

Mo’ Motion and its NYC partner, gothambasketball.com, are both 501(c)3 organizations that serve youth, schools and teams in New York City.   We work together to provide opportunities for kids from many backgrounds to benefit from fitness, sports and team participation.

In addition to young urban professionals volunteering as head coaches and assistant coaches, we also fill positions for high school students. Many high school students are in need of places where they can give back to the community and receive school credit. If you are a high school student who wants to volunteer and receive school credit, please see more information at Community Service – High School Student.

What We Are Looking For – GBA Gym Managers

Gym Manager Responsibilities

  • Setting up the gym if you are the opening manager
    • Setting up the scorers table and scoreboard
    • Setting up benches for both teams
    • Counting Balls — lock anything that is not in use for game time.
  • Ensuring the area is safe, secure and clean
  • Reporting Scores of each game you oversee by 5pm Sunday
  • Make officials are aware of that day’s gym schedule
  • Reminding refs and parents that games must be kept on schedule
  • Report any incidents to Mo
  • Clearing up the gym if you are a closing manager
    • Ensure all garbage is cleared from the gym
    • Ensure all equipment is locked away and secure before leaving the gym

Scorekeeper Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and prepared to start the game.
  • No headphones, checking cell phones etc. Focus is on the game.
  • If you cannot make a scheduled game provide enough advanced notice for the office to find a replacement.
  • Communicate appropriately with coaches and referees. 

Photos and Media Position Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and report to gym manager.
  • Send media clips and pictures to Mo by Sunday at 5pm latest.
  • No headphones or anything that may distract from the task at hand. 

Referee Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time and ready to begin the game.
  • Keep games on schedule.
  • Communicate respectfully with coaches, parents and staff especially in the case of any disagreements.
  • Report any incidents to the gym manager.

What We Are Looking For – Coach:

A coach that is involved in the teaching process, with great presence, knowledge and an ability to create a relationship with players that is valuable to their development as ballers, teammates and individuals.

1. Time Commitment

  • Weeknight Workouts: 2 hours Tues, Wed or Thurs evening
  • K-3: 2 hours Saturday or Sunday morning
  • Grade 4: 2 hours Saturday (Boys) or Sunday (Girls)
  • Grade 5/6: 2 hours Saturday & Sunday
  • Grade 7/8: 2 hours Friday & Sunday
  • Off for major holidays

2. Coaching Responsibilities

  • Supervise athletes to promote effective student learning through participation in athletic activities.
  • Organize practice sessions that are both stimulating and instructive; teach basic fundamental skills; prepare daily practice activities and keep records on file; emphasize and promote good sportsmanship in the conduct of team members and coaches.

3. Administrative Responsibilities

  • Know your gyms – entrance and exit, emergency procedures, equipment locations
  • Take attendance at each session. Report to the office any players who are not on your list. During the season, report players who do not show up
  • Wear Mo’ Motion gear to all events. If you need extras, email the office.
  • Give advance notice whenever possible if you will miss a session. We will need time to find a sub.

What We Are Looking For – Office

Mo’ Motion, Inc. is seeking motivated and reliable high school and college students to fill it’s coaching, research and administrative positions.

1. Time Commitment

  • Hours are available Monday – Friday and are flexible according to the commitment you are able to make.

2. Responsibilities

  • Depending on time commitment, interns will be staffed on various office projects. These projects can be tailored to their interest and can involve social media, customer service, financial analysis, programming, registration, merchandising and other exciting behind the scenes projects that make Mo’ Motion possible.
  • Interns must show up on time. If they cannot make an appointment, they must give advanced notice.
  • Interns should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  • Interns are expected to be reliable, trustworthy, enthusiastic, personable and motivated individuals who figure out the task at hand and bring not only the best solution but a list of additional thoughts and recommendations.
  • Successful interns will be those who come up with their own ideas, initiative and follow them through to completion. 


I’m Interested… Now What?

We have TWO application options for Volunteers. If you are interested specifically in volunteer coaching, please complete the application at our Volunteers – Coaches page.

For all other volunteer positions, please use our Community Service Application (below). Email [email protected] with any questions.

Community Service Application

Complete this application. Email [email protected] with any questions. If you are a high school student seeking credit for volunteer hours, please see more information here.