Team & League Play

Option 4:  (a combo of 2 and 3) WINTER TEAM PLAY and/or SPRING TEAM PLAY — Grade 3-4, Grades 5-6, Grades 7-8 and our new boys’ and girls’ (separate) Grades 9-11 SPRING BOOT CAMP & GAMES Program.  We also include a developmental Gr 2-3 team our of our Sat-Sun programming as a bonus to it because our strongest players, including Mo, did not join their first team until Grades 5 and 6–this includes our most prolific players who are playing in college.)  We spend fall pre-season to working 1:1 with kids to assess and improve where they are developmentally as an individual player, and then we transition to a serious and consistent practice routine in early November with a team emphasis — offensive spacing, fast break, press break, playing vs. player D or zone, shell drill and full court passing/team drills that are critical for success.  **IT IS IDEAL for our players to see us during fall Boosts or weekend pre-season to work on individual skills that they then bring to team play — and it can be done around fall and spring sports — although we do spend 45 min of each two hour practice on 1:1 work.  The focus Nov-March is on building out teams for our league in our own gyms mostly (upper west side) for “WINTER” hoops, which is the true hoops season.  Then we have SPRING TEAM PLAY – about 9 weeks instead of winter’s 13 weeks.  We go back to three weeks of boot camp in April to prepare our kids individually and as a team in April, then we play our games in mostly our gyms on the upper west side for May through early June.  We love for our players to be able to play baseball or soccer around out events in spring.  For winter team play, optional Boost is included 1x per week.  In the spring team play, optional Boost is also included.  This way players are able to have more flexibility around another sport in fall and spring.  **WINTER IS BASKETBALL SEASON.  Do not let soccer coaches pressure you into putting soccer (or baseball) over basketball.  They are doing a major disservice to kids and increasing chances of injury.

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