Train & Play WEEKENDS

  1. TRAIN AND PLAY WEEKENDS – Sat and/or Sun for Grades K-1, Gr 2-4 beginner — **right up through high school players preparing for winter hoops and for post-season spring play.  This option is for players who can do SAT or SUN or both but they don’t want the full team play package, which includes weekends and optional boost.  Go to FIND YOUR PROGRAM and search under season for Train and Play options – locations, details.   the pre-season (fall) and in the post season (spring), we have ALL grades because many of our kids use our gym space to prepare for winter high school hoops.  We do train and play in Sept-Oct to help them prepare and April-June to stay in shape.  Our younger kids Gr K-1, Gr 2-4 beginner (not team players) love our Sat and Sun 9-10:45am slots on our upper west side gyms.  We have fall, winter, spring sessions for the “littles” aka true beginners.  Expect the right formula of drills, skills and fun for the younger kid and problem-specific areas for the older kids.  We know the areas and times when kids run into problems and we adjust our curriculum for our players, the time of year, and the tasks at hand, placing individual development – shooting form, footwork, proper D etc – as the priority for players to present well during tryouts and throughout the season.

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