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Tired of swimming in the sea of youth basketball videos as a volunteer coach, paid coach, parent or a director of coaches?

Coming up empty in trying to find a short, sweet version of how to do drills in the driveway with your kid?

Online drills too intense, not organized, not realistic for growing bodies and ranges in age and ability?

Don’t sweat it.

You are wise.

And now you’ve found the right gym.

You see the difference between a great coach – usually one who gets paid a lot of money to teach fully grown kids/bodies – and a great kid coach.

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A great kid coach is a patient master who…

…puts childhood and young adult development over winning (but gets how fun the games are for the kids).

…teaches and stays within a progressive range suitable for the player based on age, size and experience level.

…loves finding clever ways to make kids enjoy training (almost) as much as they love games.

What is Great Kid Coaching?

GKC is the beginning of an awesome youth basketball digital series for Ages 5-9, Ages 10-12 and Ages 13-18 produced by Maureen Holohan of Mo’ Motion.

Mo spent three years videotaping all of her real kids (not superstars or intense high level basketball players) doing simple drills that are adjusted suited for every age level. The results for her players – most of whom are very committed to academics – has been significantly better than those players who get caught up in the riptide of AAU with too many hours vested in games and not enough in training properly.

Why did Mo do all of this work?

For these reasons …

  1. Many parents email or call and say “What drills should I do with my kid?” or
  2. “Hey, Mo, I’m coaching my daughter (or son’s) team and I have absolutely no idea what to do. Can you help?”
  3. Parents say to Mo all the time, “There are coaches who lead pros and college teams, and then there are coaches who are outstanding at teaching kids.”

The video above explains Mo’s thoughts behind the very first ROOKIE Series – Ages 5-9. Below this promo is a look inside with a 1-minute sample. The video is broken into sections (Intro, Warm-Up, Lay-Ups, Passing, Shooting, Open the Floor, Stations, Team Time and Earn It Finale).

You can buy it online for $19.95 (it will expire after three months).

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Here’s a look inside Rookies Grades 5-9!

Watch the 24-minute video and print out or save your training agenda. It’s that simple.

The series will allow you to connect with and build up your great kids because of your extra effort, hustle and love of the game.

Be great.

Get the 24-minute program for $19.95!

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