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We teach children in grades K-11 the proper doses of learning over time, while benefiting from a good sweat, games and fun.  We offer weekend training sessions, Boost weeknight workouts, private and semi-private sessions in addition to our local Manhattan-based league called The Gotham Basketball Association.  In the GBA, we compete against Motion teams and other NYC/metro teams.  The league consists of 78 teams, which are divided by skill and experience level in effort to create constructive game experiences.

What We Are Looking For:

A coach that is involved in the teaching process, with great presence, knowledge and an ability to create a relationship with players that is valuable to their development as ballers, teammates and individuals.

1. Time Commitment

  • Weeknight Workouts: 2 hours Tues, Wed or Thurs evening
  • K-3: 2 hours Saturday or Sunday morning
  • Grade 4: 2 hours Saturday (Boys) or Sunday (Girls)
  • Grade 5/6: 2 hours Saturday & Sunday
  • Grade 7/8: 2 hours Friday & Sunday
  • Off for major holidays

2. Coaching Responsibilities

  • Supervise athletes to promote effective student learning through participation in athletic activities.
  • Organize practice sessions that are both stimulating and instructive; teach basic fundamental skills; prepare daily practice activities and keep records on file; emphasize and promote good sportsmanship in the conduct of team members and coaches.
  • Make written recommendations to Head of Coaching regarding program, facilities, player and parent issues/improvements; assist the staff in achieving the objectives of the program.

3. Administrative Responsibilities

  • Know your gyms – entrance and exit, emergency procedures, equipment locations
  • Take attendance at each session. Report to the office any players who are not on your list. During the season, report players who do not show up
  • Wear Mo’ Motion gear to all events. If you need extras, email the office.
  • Give advance notice whenever possible if you will miss a session. We will need time to find a sub.
  • Communicate weekly schedule to parents once the team season begins
  • Distribute uniforms to your teams – email the office uniform numbers. Collect uniforms at the end of the season.


I’m Interested… Now What?

Volunteer Application

For Volunteer Coaching positions, we follow an on-boarding process that we break down into 3 STEPS.

STEP 1: Intro & Trial Period

Begin STEP 1 by completing the application form at the end of this description of the 3 STEPS (below).

Once we receive your information, we will reach out to you to schedule you to work with our veteran coaches.

  • The coaches will coach you and you are to follow the instructions of the coach.
  • We want to see how you teach and connect with kids.
  • We usually like to work with coaches for a period of two weeks/weekends.
  • We watch for your habits, professionalism, and energy and enthusiasm for coaching.

What We Expect From You during Your Trial Period [Step 1]

  • Show up on time at the designated location.
  • Never be alone with any of our kids. Any coaches who are alone with kids are subject to possible termination.
  • Be dressed in athletic attire.
  • Follow instructions by the lead coach. The lead coach will run the program and be specific for what you are responsible.
  • Be respectful of the lead coach’s time and instruction, but also be sure to show us during breakout of the drills your insight and ways of communicating the drills and improvements to children.
  • Be a positive, enthusiastic teacher who can adjust the drills to suit different ages and ability levels. If some players need to slow down, work with the lead coach to put them at one basket and encourage them. If other players need more advanced teaching, follow the instructions of the lead coach.
  • Be sure to help the lead coach rack up balls and close/lock up the gym.
  • Say Goodbye and Thank You to the kids, parents, guards, and coach.

STEP 2: Pre-Approval Process

Upon approval of STEP 1 we will send you a form for STEP 2, which includes:

  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • A Concussion Course

STEP 3: Approval to Active Status

Once we approve your application from STEP 1 and you successfully complete the components of STEP 2, we will continue the on-boarding process. You will be partnered with a co-coach and be given our basic curriculum, rules, and approach to follow over the course of the season.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

Email our office with any questions.

[email protected]


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