Mo Virtual Training – Welcome!

Hello!  Welcome to our virtual training program for the Spring of 2020!  This program can easily be done for 30-90 days and beyond.

Step 1:  Please make sure that we have your email on file so that we can send you the weekly emails and include you in the Google Calendar invites and Zoom calls.  You can sign up here.

Step 2:  If you want to do our daily LIVE 8:20-8:45 am Cup of Mo’ Motion and/or 3:30-4:30 pm Afternoon Mix – go here to sign up.

Step 3:  You can download the following apps (see below) and put them in a folder on your phone.

Step 4:  Start using the apps for a few days and also scroll down to see what other workouts we’ve put together.  We are still figuring out the pricing.   A few are free for 1-2 weeks then there’s a monthly fee.

Step 5:  Provide feedback to us as we develop this page and others in hopes that our game is improving as much as yours!

Here are the apps:

Pure Sweat – Basketball App – Word on the street says this is the best hoops app out there.  It will probably cost a monthly fee after so many hours of usage.  It is excellent because you pick the TIME you have first, then you pick the areas you want to work on, and there are so many cool mixes you can make.  You can put your phone on a stand and watch the drills and then go do them.  

HomeCourt – This is optional.  It’s an app that counts your makes and misses.  The app now also offers hand reaction drills where you handle with your head up and have to tap dots on the screen.  I would like to hear your feedback on this app.  It may take up a lot of battery.  It’s free for a few months during the virus or so that is what they are saying.  This system will count your makes/misses during the longer shooting sets that we do.  Note that I am not prescribing any app for shooting tips because they rush through things too quickly.  Send your shooting videos to me and I’ll give you drills to do.  Use the app for sets of drills, but stay in range.

FitActivity – This app can fill in all other holes.  It has hoops workouts, too, but what I like about it even more is that it has home workouts, body weight only workouts, strength, agility, speed, arms, legs, abs.  I think this like the other apps has a seven-day trial then it’s something around $8 a month.  Check it out and get all the workouts under it’s hood.  I’ve listed one here art wise, but there are tons.

Your assignment for Monday and Tuesday is to try these apps and various workouts within these apps.  If you don’t have access to a working phone, or your parents don’t want you on screens, then you can dive into the workouts listed below and some are in list format.  I look forward to our first google hangout where you can give me feedback on what is working for you and why.

WORKOUTS by the DAY – last week

Here is where you will find the workouts by day.  I will re-organize them soon.  You want to pick a day to start, and keep going in order.  If you miss a day, it’s okay as long as you pick up where you left off.  You also should work in off/rest days.

**Bookmark this page for it will be the table of contents when I load all of the training.

General Guidelines:

  1. Do any of the following workouts we already did this week – see below. Remember to modify or bump things up.
  2. You do not have to complete the total workout.
  3. Be sure to take an off day.  You can bike (stationary or road), do other equipment, yoga, or pilates or just rest!
  4. We encourage the playing of music and a workout partner (family member or quarantine partner only).
  5. Send me emails or questions, suggestions, photos and videos.  Enjoy!

#1:  300 Series:  100 Handles, 100 Attacks, 100 shots 

#2:  Elevate!

#3:  Hot Hands & Fast Feet

#4: Shooting, Speed & Strength

FUN/OFF DAY:  Run with Kenyans – Kenyan Form Running (Distance)!

Quarantine-Mix aka Q-Mix if you are stuck at home

Ball-handling Series – will post a full page here on basic to advanced videos.