WINTER 2022-23

Mo’ Motion Winter Programs ‘22-’23 – Nov 11, 2022-March 9, 2023 but we usually end winter league championships end of February with bonus events and fun March 4-5 (assuming we don’t have weather make-ups).  Last weeknight Boost is THUR, MARCH 9.  

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We develop all of our players as a priority–not just the ones often viewed as “better” or “dominant.”  We seek to increase your child’s chances of making his or her school teams and performing well on those teams.  We love kids to play well for us, of course, but we love it more when they flourish with peers on school teams (and next level travel teams).  There is a lot of thought, time and expense put into our gym space, curriculum, and efforts to make our program as efficient and as worthwhile as possible.  We don’t believe in AAU or “travel” at the ages we teach – it’s a money grab most of the time — but we have sent our kids on to AAU with the best foundation possible and they’ve flourished.  See our list of our ALUM.

Time frame:  Nov. 11 to March 9 = 13.5 weeks/weekends

Off:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYs weeks/weekends + Prez Weekend only (not full week)

How to Register:  Read about the programs below and OUR FOCUS or for RETURNERS, go right TO REGISTRATION.

We offer four options for winter–click to links for more info:

#1)  Winter Team Play – Grades 4-9 – Sat/Sun plus optional weeknight Boost.  Here is the breakdown of Sat-Sun team schedules for WINTER ’22-’23 (true basketball season).  ***Note we narrowed the winter rosters and given fall and prior participants priority.  There are a few spots open – not fully closed out, but close.  We need to see players before we decide best fit for winter.  We are only carrying 8ish teams this season with some overlap where some players play on two teams but only if it helps the team and doesn’t take away from player and team development.  So we’d rather go with best fit on teams of 8 vs. more kids and teams of 10-12 (for financial purposes, this is a much better solution, but we think smaller teams leads to better quality, results and higher retention.)  Email [email protected] if you are new and want in for winter – to see if there are spots.

#2)  Winter Boost Weeknight – Grades 3-8
Skills, drills and fun for team and non-team members.  Kids who go away on weekends or play other sports enjoy our Boost Workouts because they get skills, drills, shots up and scrimmage time within the workouts.  Players can also sign up late with prorated fee IF there are spots open.  Read here for more TUES-FRI GR 3-8 (separated by court) details. 

*We separate kids by court according to age, size, skill

#3)  Winter Grades K-1 and Grades 2-4 (includes development Gr 3-4 team within the time frames listed) – Sat/Sun AM Train and Play!

#4)  Practice Player – mostly on Saturdays with team play and/or Boost if space permits.  Practice players can be invited into games if regular players are out.  Read about our team play options here and then email if you want your child to be considered as a practice player.  Email:  [email protected]

Our focus:  True development of players by age, skill level, position, individually and as a team over time according to a curriculum that has been effective for 12 years.  We coach and teach ALL of the players–not just the stronger ones that can often dominate teams and also not learn how to play a full game given the predominant NYC “drive and chuck” and “press and play zone” mentality.  We play games in our gyms, locally, against local teams and then we will do a season-ending tournament with the right fit of teams for our own championship.  We want to increase your child’s a) proper repetitions b) understanding of the game including the harder parts of defense (not just zone) c) enjoyment of the game while d) increasing his or her chances of making school teams and getting decent playing time.  We support advanced and committed players by helping to prepare them for their next steps and stops in their careers.

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